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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Coronation Street Weds 9th December episode review

Hello and welcome to this week's Wednesday review. The first thing to say, of course, is Happy 55th  Birthday, Coronation Street! Here's to the next 55 years!

We start off at number 1, where a certain someone has spent the night. The Loch Nessa Monster has wormed her way into Ken's bed and makes sure we all know about it, dishing up a slew of innuendos along with fried eggs. When Tracy realises who has stayed over, she is less than pleased. In fact, she wastes no time in demanding answers. Ken simply tells her that there had to be a first time. I think this may be the first time that the audience have been on Tracy's side. We're not supposed to like Nessa. Over at the salon, Nessa is in high spirits and unwittingly fires daggers at poor Audrey with even more innuendos and her joyous singing. She even manages to annoy Cathy at the cafĂ© , who can see right through her sister. Cathy knows that Nessa changes her men more than her underwear but is unfortunately powerless. However, Nessa has decided to become a vegetarian for Ken so there's no telling how long this could last.

"Why are you wearing the same clothes you had on yesterday? Did you...?"
"I might have done. Oh it's wonderful, really. Ken and I connect on so many levels. Spiritually and physically"

Later on, Nessa offers to take Ken and Amy to the Christmas market. Ken declines, but Amy jumps at the chance, telling her all about how much Deirdre bought her last time she went. Nessa paints on a smile and reluctantly goes. Hours later, they arrive back with armfuls of shopping bags, but Amy can't resist sticking the knife in and declaring candidly that Grandma Deirdre bought her more.  It's a case of like mother, like daughter as it becomes clear that Amy can't stand Nessa either and is not shy about making this clear, especially to Nessa herself. 

"I really hope you're not gonna hurt my granddad."
"Of course I'm not..."
"Because if you do, I won't be held responsible for my actions"

Bethany talks Sarah into letting her skip school again so they can spend time together and go Christmas shopping. I'm not sure why the school haven't taken action towards Bethany's 2% attendance rate, but at least we got to see Sarah looking uneasy again. She's bound to be feeling strange. It may be her third pregnancy, but only her first as an adult.  After mumbling a vague excuse to Bethany, Sarah rushes round to Barlow's Buys to confide in Todd. It seems as though she has made her mind up to have an abortion. And to be honest, I think this is the best way forward. Unwanted pregnancy has been thrown into storylines countless times and it's becoming tiresome.

"If your heart's telling you it's the right thing-"
"My head's telling me, not my heart. I  know I can't do this. I cannot have this baby"
Elsewhere, Mary is struggling to accept that she is now a 'mistress'. Brendan is married, albeit unhappily, Connornation Street continued tonight as Johnny received a visiting order from the rugged Rob, who receives a warm welcome back from me and Yasmeen is running a 'cupcake' masterclass at the community centre. However, I, like Roy prefer the British term of 'fairy cake'.

"I've got a dilemma. A dilemma that you might have an opinion on. You knew Rob, didn't you?"
"Carla's Rob? Of course. Why?"
"He's just sent me a visiting order"

Overall, a bit of a 'bridge' episode if I'm honest but the performance of the episode definitely goes to Elle Mulvaney as Amy. In some ways, it is the younger members of the cast who are making the show right now (Amy, Craig, Faye etc) and sometimes outshine the adults. I really hope we get to see Amy grow up and spend a lifetime on the cobbles. Read more about the kids on Corrie here.

As always, thanks for reading!

Jordan, Twitter- @JordanLloyd39

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Anonymous said...

I want to know what two actors of David Neilson and Melanie Hill's calibre are doing just standing behind a counter when they are great together and I want to catch up with Roy and Cathy's own storyline. They play whatever they're given brilliantly, but they are underused. Debbie Rush is another good actress who they keep repeating the same plotline-Anna gets drunk-with. Tina O'Brien and Bruno Langley's scene was good and it was nice to see a caring aspect of Todd. Nessa is a complete irritant to me and I can't bear to watch her.

Tvor said...

"Loch Nessa Monster" Brilliant!
I can bear to watch Nessa as long as we get to see Amy mark her cards every time! :)

I admit to being on Tracy's side, this time. Even if the "first time" was someone sympathetic, like Audrey, it's still going to be difficult for Tracy.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the "oh let's make this character pregnant" copout -- it sends a poor message, I think, and it's lazy and tedious.

Anonymous said...

I think in Sarah's case a termination would be the best scenario. She is already raising one spoilt brat, has a very limited income with no prospects. What kind of life would the kid have? Does anyone know do her and Bethany still live with Gail?
Has no one on the street every heard of birth control for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

Watching Amy turn into a young version of her mother may be fun for the writers, amusing for us, even edifying for amateur psychologists, but I find it uncomfortable. We're witnessing the warping of a human being. The free rein for nastiness is disturbing. She set Simon up. Whether or not he deserved it is not the point. Nessa may be a ghastly person, but Amy is being incredibly rude. For her sake, if not for justice, I hope Tracy gets charged with attempted murder and sent back to prison.

CharlieStubbs said...

I agree about Amy. She is, on occasion, amusing with her precociousness but she definitely needs steering away from the path her mother has taken. Steve doesn't have the strong personality to do it, neither does Ken so I wonder who will (if anyone!)

Louby said...

I think they are staying with Nick but I don't remember ever seeing them go in or out of the flats.

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