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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Cobbles Couples: Possible, Present and Petering Out - Part 1

Anna, 48 and Kevin, 50 are the first of the possible couples to be placed under Weatherfield’s microscope. My sense about these two is that a relationship could work. There definitely seems to be a spark – not giant flames but a spark,  nevertheless. Both are single, both are hard workers, Anna has Faye to bring up, who has yet to pass through the often difficult teenage stage, but that is perhaps her only complication. Kevin has Jack. Anna adores children and as Faye is Kevin’s best friend’s daughter, he may know Faye quite well. Neither Kevin nor Anna are going to set the world alight with their intellect. Yes, they should give it a go.

As for Dev and Erica, another possible couple, I’m less sure. It is clear that Dev is rather enamoured of  Erica. Mary has noticed this and in the best interests of Dev’s twins, she has had a word with Dev. As regards Erica, it is not easy to read her. It seems, at the moment that she is not attracted to Dev. After the trauma of losing the baby and of breaking up with Nick, she may be wary of beginning a new relationship. My hope is that Erica, 50 and Dev, 51, do get together. Though Dev is quite a strong character, I think Erica will be a match for him. She is tough, independent, kind and level–headed. It will be important to Dev that Erica gets on with his children. Not wanting Mary to feel redundant or irrelevant, Erica would surely leave the day to day running of Asha and Aadi’s lives to Mary. It was touching in a recent episode to witness Erica’s kindness towards Mary. That it was noticeable is a condemnation of those who treat Mary as the cobbles’ joke: Norris and Tracy in particular. Mary is a litmus test, which Erica passed with flying colours.

Until last night’s episodes, I hadn’t really considered the possibility of Liz and Johnny becoming a couple, but it is looking quite likely, now. They seem at ease with each other, are on the same wavelength, and they’ve been round the block a few times. We’ve been with Liz as she has been round her block, but Johnny’s block is only just opening up for us. He must be about the same age as Liz too, perhaps a little older. (I can’t find his age anywhere!)

Sally would like her daughter Sophie to be in a relationship with Kate Connor.  The problem is that despite the fact that Sophie and Kate seem to get on, and there is a bit of a twinkle in both girls’ eyes, Kate is engaged and due to be married. My prediction would be a break up with her fiancée and the slow start of a relationship with Sophie. Both girls would have an amount of guilt to deal with though: Kate for hurting her fiancée and Sophie for moving on after Maddie. Perhaps she should have a word with Ken.

As for Aidan, I would guess that Eva will be the chosen one, especially now Sarah is pregnant, but there could be some interruptions on the way. Is Eva over Jason? Is Jason over Eva? My guess would be no, but as Ryan Thomas who plays Jason is leaving, at least for a while, he won’t be around. Perhaps Eva’s new relationship will be the cause of his departure.

All this is of course speculation, and I am just as happy to proved wrong as I am right.  All we can do is sit back and wait.

More to follow, when next, some present couples will be placed under Weatherfield’s microscope.                                                                             

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Cobblestone said...

Can you imagine Sally's nose put out of joint if Anna winds up with the dynamic, 'going-places' businessman that Kevin's become, while her own other half sits on the sofa and scoffs biscuits? Can't wait!

Ruth owen said...

It would be a real treat, Cobblestone!

Tvor said...

I think Johnny might be very good for Liz. He's got a bit of the cheeky chappy about him, enough that she wouldn't be bored like she was with the musician fella, but not quite a bad lad that would end up hurting her like Tony. I think Steve would like him better, too and he's already family by marriage.

Anonymous said...

I also like the idea of Anna and Kevin together. Sophie and Faye are already stepsisters and Anna would be a good mum to Jack and as Cobblestone mentioned, the comedic possibilities with Sally's nose out of joint would be endless.
I hope that Aidan and Eva do become a couple without the distractions f Jason and Sarah.They're two of the few genuine characters on the Street and Eva deserves someone who really appreciates her.
As for Sarah,she should forget about men for awhile and focus on her children.

Zagg said...

Oh, I am so not looking forward to the pairing of Anna and Kevin.They are just not suited.
And is there a more useless character than Kate? I hate the way the writers have jammed her into the scenes with little purpose. It's so contrived. She's been on the street for 5 minutes, and I could care less about her wedding dress shopping or anything else. Of course she will end up with the totally useless Sophie, who has made such a ridiculous transformation in a backstreet garage, it's embarrassing to even watch.They might as well write them both out now. It's so silly, it's unbearable.

Rapunzel said...

I could see Liz and Johnny working behind the bar together.

While I also like the idea of Kevin and Anna together, I really liked his chemistry with Jenny, so will be interesting to see whether there's any spark left once she returns (bunny boiler though she might be).

Rapunzel said...

I disagree. It always seems contrived when new characters arrive but Kate has a fresh spark that is promising and bodes well for the future. I'd like to see her venture out of the factory though.

I also don't mind if she hooks up with Sophie. The latter is leaving soon anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think Aiden went right off Sarah when he found out she could easily turn into a lush. I don't think he was impressed with her behaviour.

Glenda Young said...

I love the idea of Liz and Johnny together. I also like the idea of Kev and Anna just because they are so ill-suited.

Cobblestone said...

I have to agree with Rapunzel. Kate's a breath of fresh air. If you want 'a more useless character', Zagg, may I suggest - Chesney!

Anonymous said...

I love the way Sophie prances about in her cape with clipboard in hand, popping up all over the place...get back to the office and do some work FGS. Why do Dev's kids need constant monitoring anyway? They're made of glass? The character of Erica just isn't working with Dev..she'd be better off at Streetcars sharing wise cracks with Eileen..they'd make a better duo than her and Liz..IMO.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't too keen on the idea of Anna & Kevin, but now that some people have mentioned the possibilities of putting Sally's nose out of joint then that would be hilarious, right up there with her new political desires.
Ericka & Dev, no way - I have the feeling that she would chew him up and spit him out in a heartbeat.
Sophie & Kate - too predictable - everybody sussed that one out as soon as it was announced that she was joining the show. So really boring.
Eva & Aidan - yes definitely - they really bounce off each other. That would work.

Jessica Maffre said...

If anyone can help me find out where the top Anna is wearing is from that would be awesome!!! Long shot. But I love it!!!!


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