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Thursday 31 December 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 30 December

Hello! It's Jordan with the final Wednesday review of 2015! Here we go...
"But you've got no cash"
"I was gonna go on holiday"
"No, Kev, you can't-"
"I'd rather go to Bognor and give it you. On one condition. You tell Fiz, because if she finds out any other way..."

We start off at number 9, where Fiz is getting Hope ready for a scan at the hospital. However, in last night's episode we got to see another side to this storyline as Hope's illness itself is not the primary focus. Tyrone's in trouble and lots of it. About £10,000 worth of trouble. Receiving a letter from a loan shark and an angry unpaid elf from Weatherfield Lapland display are enough to push him to new lows. Whilst working at the garage, he is unable to secure another loan when he notices the petty cash tin above him on the shelf. Without thinking, he opens the tin and begins to empty it. And of course, Kevin walks in just at that very moment. Initially aghast, Kevin begins to understand as Tyrone reveals what a mess he has got himself into. Although Kevin was planning a holiday for himself and Sophie, he's now decided to help out his very silly but well meaning friend on one condition. Tyrone must tell Fiz of his financial troubles before she finds out any other way. In true Corrie style, he is just about to tell her but Fiz begins to cry- worried about the results of Fiz's scan.

You'll probably have noticed that I tend to gloss over Connornation Street in my reviews. Carla's still upset about 'backstreet Darth Vader' and  after revealing to Nick, he says a few things to try to calm her, to no avail. Johnny calls Rob to inform him of the revelation. He warns Rob to stay away from now on and a prison warden finally notices Rob on his mobile but no more is explained. Please say this is the beginning of sorting what is a massive plot hole! Aidan calls round to her flat, but Nick (who apparently knows everything) gets rid of him. Later on, when Roy comes round, Carla finally snaps- bottle in hand- and tells both himself and Nick to butt out. Quite rightly, too. The only thing I can praise about this whole storyline is the wonderful Alison King and her cheekbones. She is a fantastic actress and yet Carla has been given this clich√© storyline. Carla has started to blame her alcoholism on the absence of her father. Because losing a husband and a secret lover as well as bitterly divorcing another husband, being a rape victim and being a murder suspect twice in two years would not contribute to those drinking problems at all.  From what I can tell, she's never been bothered about family anyway. She supposed to be a high up business woman and I am not sure why she has been made into a gambling alcoholic.  Elsewhere on Connornation Street, Aidan had an over the top rant about a pair of shoes he wanted which were out of stock. What is his angry obsession with footwear?
"I'm the only one that's living in my head right now, so if you'll kindly both just butt out. I just want Jonny to feel one ounce of the pain I have spent my whole life drinking to forget. That's what I want"

Last night saw the beginning of an exit for one of the longest-serving Corrie characters.  Emily has been in contact with Spider and has all of a sudden decided to take up volunteering work- after a pep talk from the darling Billy and finding some guidance in the church, naturally. She joins her comrades in the pub and happily announces to Rita, Norris and Billy that she is going to Peru. Would Emily make a big decision just like that? I think volunteering is something Emily would do, but there should have been mention of it weeks, possibly months ago. It's a much better idea than Spider suddenly falling ill, but definitely too rushed, especially after almost 55 years on the Street. But nonetheless, bon voyage, Emily!

"You're a courageous woman who can achieve anything she sets her mind to. Pray on it. See what God thinks"

And now for some light in this review! Performance of the episode, once again, goes to Elle Mulvaney as Amy. It emerges that Tracy has been staying at Beth's after Ken threw her out and unable to stand the snoring for another night, Amy tells Ken she has agreed to come back on her best behaviour. An AbFab-esque mother daughter role reversal theme ensued throughout the episode. Amy questions her mother sternly when she decides to sit on the sofa eating biscuits rather than going to work. Tracy confesses to her clever daughter that she had a little bit of a tantrum in the shop. Amy, who needs the pocket money, offers to  help clean up. For her two hours of work, she earns £15, an extra £5 for some advice on how to win Robert back and a cake from Roy's. Not a bad little businesswoman! I really hope the 2015 Text Santa sketch was an accurate depiction of the Street's future! The talented little actress, along with Kate Ford as Tracy, provided the total highlight of an otherwise mostly dull episode. I mean, do we really need to know about Ken's length, Nessa?

"I've told him you're really sorry"
"Well, I am"
"And that you've learned your lesson"
"I have"
"And that you'll do all the housework for a week"
"To prove to granddad how really sorry you are!"

Oh, and on the subject of the Loch Nessa Monster - Audrey said to Ken what we're all thinking, after Nessa insists Ken throws a Hawaiian themed New Year party:

"Deirdre wouldn't want me sitting around moping"
"Well, I doubt she'd want to see you shacked up with a woman like that either!"

Thanks for reading!

All the best for 2016

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Anonymous said...

Excellent review Jordan! Have a Very Happy New Year from a Canadian fan!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Lovely write up! I fully agree about Carla's odd response to Johnny's revelation. This is presumably the beginning of her exit storyline. It's true that Carla did have a rough old childhood but, cynically, we know that if Alison King wasn't leaving, Carla would shrug it off as another piece of her rubbish childhood. There are likely to be people who will say that her bad choices in life were actually, in fact, down to an absent father and an alcoholic mother. If so, it's a shame the writers never got round to giving Carla that storyline because it would have made her a much more rounded character. Alison King makes a brilliant job of what she's given. Amy is being written and acted wonderfully. I hope the writers let her learn from her mother's mistakes that getting your own way, regardless of other people's feelings, comes at a cost. Amy is bright enough to see that her mum is deeply unhappy. And as an example of how a dreadful situation in real life doesn't automatically make compelling viewing. we need only turn to Fiz and Tyrone. We ought to be in pieces over their child's condition and financial problems but it's not working. Tyrone comes across as stupid rather than heart-broken, and Fiz is just annoying.

Anonymous said...

wonderful piece - I agree with the tedious storylines, but what makes me worry more is the fact that Kevin mentioned more than once "the builder" - am I wrong to suspect that this will lead to the return of Pat Phelan and cause major angst for Anna (Kevin) and Gary (gym manager). If I remember correctly Phelan had cctv video of Gary bopping him on the head and leaving him to die. That coupled with the problems Carla has should make for a rather predictable new year. Too bad. I guess the Christmas episode was the highlight and it's all down hill from here.

Anonymous said...

Good point about the Tyrone/Fizz situation, Humpty. When Hayley was ill, we were in pieces. But somehow, the Hope illness has captured our sympathy in only the most minor way. Whether this is the result of weak writing or weak action is hard to say. One way or another, it just isn't working.

Louby said...

When I read the spoilers for the then future storyline of Johnny being Carla's dad, I just thought.... Here we go again. However, now that is here, I'm finding it quite compelling. What do we know about Carla's parents? I can't remember if we should know anything about the man we thought was her real dad. Her step dad, George, died a while ago and we saw her throw away whatever trinket he left her in his will. Anyway, now she finds out that throughout her rubbish childhood, there was a guy who suspected he was her dad, but did nothing. And now he's found out that he is indeed her father,his first reaction is please don't tell my other kids. Way to make someone feel special, not! I suspect that when Kate and Aiden find out, one will be supportive of Carla, the other not, and I'm not sure which will be which yet. I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Newfy Pearl said...

I think we have been spoiled by some of the little actors that have come before Hope. I think the reason we do not have the same heart felt emotion for this storyline is that the little actress is not winning us over. Now before you attack me think of how Simon or even the little Peacock boy would have worked in this storyline...I would have cried buckets. But - and I am assuming it is the writers not the little actress....she looks so bored all the time and speaks only to give pathetic little cliched lines. Excuse me...but go to the sick children who receive special wishes when they are deathly ill. They do not plead to be made better, they ask to go to Disneyworld!
Now on to Carla....she wanted Liam (he had to choose her over Maria)...she wanted Peter (he had to choose her over Leanne)... now here is Daddy who is choosing to keep her a secret and is not choosing her over his other children. I think this is baloney by the way. I think Carla would add to this family and they would be good for her too. Stupid writers. lol
And finally is anyone as irritated by Leanne as I am? Oh my poor Nick... oh my poor Robert... I usually like Leanne but really..she is no better catch than either Carla or Tracy in my opinion. I see the abuse from Simon has not taken away how she feels so superior to every other woman on the show. I may feel differently tomorrow....but right now I am not liking Leanne. I dislike women who think they would do better in someone else's relationship.
Rant over...opinions given.
Thank you for this blog. I for one really appreciate it. :-)

vintgal003 said...

Stellar review Jordan....young Amy is a cracking little actress!!


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