Thursday, 17 December 2015

Why Johnny Connor might not be Carla's dad

I've just seen a comment on twitter that is worth a mention in a blog post, just because it made me laugh out loud.  It relates to Johnny Connor's confession to Liz last week that he had a one night stand with Carla's mam in the back of a Vauxhall Cavalier. That's why he's concerned he might be Carla's dad.
Corriepedia and the Manchester Evening News have Carla's birth date as  January 1975.  The Vauxhall Cavalier was launched in November of that year.

Of course, it was 40 years ago and memories fade. Plus, Johnny would have been in the throes of passion so we'll forgive him for not remembering the make and model of the passion wagon. 

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Anonymous said...

HAHA the problem is that writer Simon Crowther is always so desperate to be funny that his writing ends up being terrible
However, that was what Rob said his mother told him - not Johnny - so obviously Carla's mother was not a car expert and Johnny probably forgot what car it was lol

Anonymous said...

it always amazes me how quickly viewers spot major gaffes on the show. Maybe, just maybe, Corrie needs to add a continuity, fact checker & loyal viewer to the crew. But then again, that would detract from the giggles we get on this blog page. I truly do enjoy the blog page much more than the actual episodes. I think if the blog disappeared I wouldn't even bother watching the show anymore. Thank you blog people. We love you.

Newfy Pearl said...

Considering they forgot that Kevin had a baby that died....this is really not a big deal. Afterall how many of us viewers are that up on car histories. Geesh! Now if he sai I set up the love tryst on my car phone....that would raise eyebrows. Lol

Unknown said...

Seriously, we need gearheads Kevin or Tyrone to bring this up at some point to save the day!

Unknown said...

Seriously, throw us petrolheads a bone once in a while!

Who else noticed Aidan Connor's US left-hand drive Pontiac Solstice convertible in the background a few times? And what happened to Carla's Alfa Romeo? To car nuts, this stuff is pure gold!

Tvor said...

Carla's car got repossessed when she was gambling.

Anonymous said...

Yes she lost the Alfa Romeo because of her gambling debts, then Aidan leased her a small little nondescript car, but in a couple of the last episodes she has had a snazzy black number parked outside the factory. No mention where that came from. Maybe one of you petrol heads could enlighten us as to the model.
thank you

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