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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ken Barlow's jeans - a blast from Corrie's past

Much has been made of Nessa buying a  pair of jeans for Ken Barlow, and of Ken wearing them, too. 

But as we can see in the pictures below, Ken and his denims are old friends. Here he is in a scene from Coronation Street in 2003 wearing a pair of jeans.

The scene is from the episode in July 2003. It's the morning after Tracy duped Roy into thinking he had slept with her. Roy is trying to make his escape from the Barlows house while a shocked Deirdre and Ken offer him a cup of tea.

You can watch the scene below via the wonders of YouTube.

However groovy and fab and funky Ken looks in his blue jeans, my favourite fashion piece of his has got to be his kimono.

And here's some fashions as modelled by actor William Roache, which Ken most definitely wouldn't be seen in on the Street.

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Tvor said...

And that Nessa made him buy a pair of jeans just a couple of weeks ago, he showed them off to Leanne on the Street. So now she's bought him another pair and it's a fashion fail? Someone's not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Flaming Nora. The kimono was my favourite as well. I'm not sure but in a recent episode, did Ken say that he didn't like it anymore?

Why did Dierdre let him keep the kimono as it was a gift from Martha the barge-lady with whom he had a hot affair.

Llifon said...

And he wore jeans when with Denise Osbourne.

It says in the 35 years book that the writers showed how Denise changed Ken's look. His hair became lighter and he dressed differently. He had always been seen in a suit and trousers whereas with Denise he was seen with jeans.

Anonymous said...

He got rid of the kimono after Brian(Julie's Brian) stayed and was wearing it. Nuf said huh.

Tvor said...

I don't think Ken ever told Deirdre the kimono came from Martha.

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