Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Coronation Street set could be saved by Manchester museum

Bloggers Sunny Jim and Flaming Nora on the old Coronation Street set
There's only a few days left to visit the old Coronation Street set on the Coronation Street tour. It's closing to the public, forever, at the end of this month.

Our blogger Michael - who is on twitter at @MichaelAdamsUK - sent me this which is worth blogging and sharing with Corrie fans. 

On the official Coronation Street Tour facebook page today, there is a comment which is noteworthy.

It suggests that the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester may be able to keep some of the original set pieces for fans to enjoy and visit in the future.  Let's hope so. 

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Tvor said...

I wonder if it will just be signs and a few window fronts perhaps. They couldn't take on all the buildings I don't think.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe that the entire set should have been converted in to true homes, pub etc where people could actually purchase a home and live on Coronation Street! I know I would really love that and I reckon other fans would and all! Imagine nipping in to the Rovers after a hard days graft! I really believe there are people who love the programme enough to want to live there!
I could be very wrong in this. I do, however, reckon that once the site is razed and gone forever there will be many regrets and more sadness than any one knows.
Happy New Year every one! May it be filled with love, blessing and magic everafter X

Louby said...

Anon, I totally agree that it should be saved, but it would not be possible to live there. The houses and pub etc are not full size and are just shells, so probably wouldn't have normal house foundations, let alone electric, water etc. The set is so close to MOSI, it's a shame that they can't take it on as a new attraction. I guess the land is just too valuable not to sell to a developer.

Anonymous said...

It was a shame that the new buildings couldn't be built over the set with the set kept as an attraction. I would have liked to have lived in one of the houses because although people say they are small - I've watched the show and each house has lots of bedrooms. In fact, each house could be a hotel. That's what I think.

Louby said...

The rooms that you see are separate from the external set, eg the inside of the Rovers, Gail's house and Carla's flat, as seen on the tour are in the middle of a huge warehouse type building. It's amazing how small the sets are, it must be some sort of optical illusion.

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