Saturday, 26 December 2015

More Corrie spoilers about Jenny and Phelan's 2016 returns

It's that time of year when we start looking forward to what's around the corner in soap land for the coming year.

In this week's edition of Inside Soap magazine, which went on sale on Christmas Eve, they bring us some teasers for what's on in Weatherfield.

First up - Carla will be left fighting for her life. You can read all about that here.

Also teased by Inside Soap magazine is the return of both Pat Phelan and Jenny Bradley.

For Pat Phelan's return, Anna is going to be horrified to see him again, especially when he turns up to work with Kevin.  Kevin and Anna are going to snog under the mistletoe this New Year's Eve.  Will Anna tell Kevin about her night with Phelan?

And for Jenny Bradley's return, we're told that Jenny contacts Rita who tracks Jenny down and brings her back to Weatherfield.  Jenny seems eager to make amends with Rita, Kevin and Sophie after she kidnapped little Jack earlier this year.  But the question remains - is Jenny really on the mend after receiving counselling and therapy, or is there a more dangerous motive behind her sudden return?

See more spoilers for 2016 including information on the return of Jenny Bradley and Pat Phelan.
And what's the mystery that's going on at Underworld?

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1 comment:

Philip said...

Are Jenny and Phelan going to be regular characters in the New Year or are they just guest characters?

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