Saturday, 26 December 2015

Carla fights for her life - and more 2016 Corrie spoilers!

It's that time of year when we start looking forward to what's around the corner in soap land for the coming year.

In this week's edition of Inside Soap magazine, which went on sale on Christmas Eve, they bring us some teasers for what's on in Weatherfield.

First up - Carla will be left fighting for her life after tension between her and Tracy ramps up again. 

Over the coming week, Carla will have a festive fling with Robert Preston.  And when Tracy finds out, she swears to get her revenge on the dark-haired beauty (Carla, not Robert).  Inside Soap magazine says "in a shocking chain of events unfolds in the Bistro, Carla's impulsive actions will leave her in hospital, fighting for her life."

As we know, Alison King, who plays Carla, is leaving the show on a break in 2016. I wonder if this storyline will be the start of Carla's temporary farewell?

Read more spoilers about the return of Jenny Bradley and Pat Phelan.

And what's the mystery that's going on at Underworld?

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Anonymous said...

Why is this always the "big shocker"? How many times in 2015 alone were how many people left "fighting for their lives"?

Louby said...

Agree Anon, and remarkably everyone who has been in that situation recovers completely seemingly without any after effects whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is a robbery soon so maybe it's in the Bistro?

Another Tracy-gets-revenge-on-Carla storyline, then.

It would be better if they give her a good exit storyline and not a depressing one

Anonymous said...

so predictable, it will all come out about Carla and Robert and Tracy will get revenge on Carla for the Umpteenth time. She will fight for her life in hospital where they will find out she is actually pregnant. And there another predicted whose the daddy story. Feel for Nick. Going about his own business while Robert is trying to worm his way into the Bistro by trying to invest in it. No doubt it's the Bistro that will end up being trashed or broken into or something. Finds out his Fiance is a cheat but also fighting for her life. and with the silly references the other night about him being a great dad it will end up being Robert's baby just to top it all off. Happy New year everyone! lol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[12;47]I wouldn't feel too sorry for Nick if there is a 'who's the daddy' storyline as he put his brother through the same nightmare when he slept with Kylie,hid behind mommy instead of confessing and blackmailed David into doing a DNA test on Lily[who seems to have disappeared].
Maybe it's not Tracy wanting revenge but perhaps Kate because she's no longer 'Daddy's little girl'or because she thinks Carla knew all along?

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