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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Preview of tonight's Corrie - Thursday 17 December

Thursday 17th December
ROB REELS TRACY IN Tracy visits Rob in prison and admits how much she misses him, assuring him there’s been nobody else in her life. Knowing she’s lying, Rob masks his contempt. Tracy returns home and Robert leads her to Barlow’s Buys. Tracy’s taken aback to discover her shop full of flowers. Robert tells her to follow her dream and take up floristry again. Tracy’s touched. Meanwhile telling his cellmate how Tracy has lied to him, Rob vows to have his revenge.
MICHAEL FINALLY FACES THE MUSIC Michael admits to Gail how he’s dreading the awards ceremony and wishes he had the courage to come clean. As the ceremony gets underway Michael arrives at the last minute and Eileen’s relieved to see him. But as Billy reads out the Good Samaritan nominees he’s interrupted by the arrival of Dee with her neighbour Pat in tow. Pointing an accusing finger at Michael, Pat confirms that he’s the man who burgled Dee’s house. How will Michael react?
THE COMMUNITY DIGS DEEP FOR HOPE Fiz asks Beth, Kirk and Sinead if they’ll put up her Christmas decorations at No.9 while she’s out as a surprise for Hope and Ruby. Sinead organises a whip round in the factory to buy some new decorations. Fiz, Hope and Ruby return home and are bowled over to find their living room transformed into a Christmas grotto with a beautiful tree. 
ELSEWHERE In the café, Anna and Kevin compare notes on their forthcoming dates. The factory girls arrive for their Christmas party. Looking a million dollars, Eva flirts with Aidan. Kylie pleads with David to come home, if only for the sake of Max and Lily. Feeling a pang of guilt will David agree?

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Anonymous said...

Is there a good fairy lurking somewhere around on the street? There seems to be endless dosh to throw around by people who, obviously don't have any money.

Newfy Pearl said...

Rob being mad because Tracy lied about her new Robert is laughable. When you consider his intentions! lol I think too that considering Roberts hot and cold attitude toward Tracy lately, I think it is her self preservation kicking in. She may not be totally confident that Robert is going to stand by her.....he has sided with Leann and kicked her out of the Bistro calling her the B word. I think Tracy is remembering the good times with Rob.
I love Tracy I want to see her come out on top here whatever happens. lol
Expecting comments because of my proclamation but I can't help it....I am a big Kate Ford fan. :-)

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