Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Manchester artist paints iconic Coronation Street stars

Copyright: Daniel Pitts
I've just discovered the work of a talented artist called Daniel Pitts, who has created some wonderful Coronation Street artwork.  Daniel is a Manchester based artist and a huge Corrie fan. 

Daniel was interviewed in the Manchester Evening News (you can read it here). Inspired to commemorate the end of Coronation Street at its Granada Studios location he contacted the show’s executive producer Kieran Roberts.

Copyright: Daniel Pitts
Daniel said: “At the time we didn’t know what was going to happen to the studios so Kieran let me in to take some photos and commissioned me to paint a picture of the street. Just the classic shot with the pub prominent in the middle. But I wanted to do something else as well.

“I usually like to paint scenes that reminds me back drop to my memories and that is exactly what Corrie is because it was always on in the background as a child. I don’t think I’ve ever missed an episode.”
Copyright: Daniel Pitts

He also regularly captures typical street scenes in Manchester and Levenshulme as well as well-known pubs and shops.

Some of Daniel’s prints and original paintings are available to purchase online at his website - and he's on twitter and facebook too.

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