Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Corrie cast blasts from the past

This Friday night, December 18th 2015 is ITV's Text Santa.  It's a great thing they do for charity every Christmas and they raise loads of cash for good causes.

As part of Friday night's show, there'll be a Coronation Street sketch called Back to The Future.  Some of the current Corrie cast get dressed up as Corrie icons from the past. As yet, we don't know who's getting dressed up as who but hopefully there'll be pics online after the event and it might be on YouTube too.  Sir Richard Branson is even turning up!

The idea of current cast members dressing up as Corrie icons of old isn't a new idea, it's been done before a few times. I always enjoy these sorts of things, so here's some pictures of when cast members dressed up as Corrie icons to whet our appetite for Friday night's Text Santa!

From the ill-fated Coronation Street musical 'Street of Dreams', Kym Marsh was made up as Elsie Tanner.

For Coronation Street's 50th anniversary Craig Gazey (Graeme Proctor) and Michelle Keegan (Tina McIntyre) were made up as Stan and Hilda Ogden.

And as Jack and Vera Duckworth...

And as Curly and Raquel Watts.

Also from the ill-fated Coronation Street musical, here's Rachel Leskovac (Natalie Blakeman) as Bet Lynch singing He's My Man.

Can you think of any more I might have missed?

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Cobblestone said...

Rachel Leskovak (Natasha Blakeman) did Bet Lynch.

Llifon said...

There was a sketch they did of (at the time) current Corrie characters chatting with old characters from archive scenes - I recall Michelle serving Elsie and Rita and Sean sitting with Ena and Minnie.

Tvor said...

Looks like fun!

DavidS said...

Those pics are great - I don't remember seeing any of them at the time at all. I miss Craig Gazey as Graeme.

Never saw Street of Dreams, but I can't imagine it would have come close to Jonathan Harvey's play Corrie! which was just brilliant.

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