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Sunday 27 December 2015

Corrie weekly awards: Dec. 21 - 25

A little bit late this week but I've only just got caught up on Christmas Corrie and it was awesome!

Holiday spirit award: Kevin for his reindeer antlers! And all the neighbours pulling together to decorate the street!

The only game in town award: Anna and Kevin are both on a date with new people. Both at the Bistro because you know, it's the only place in Weatherfield in spite of the city centre of Manchester being not a million miles away.

Dating fail: Anna's date only stopped talking about his ex-wife when he started talking about himself, non stop. Kevin's date was more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Hypocrite award: Robert. It's ok to insist that Tracy tells the truth but it didn't take much for him to lie when Rob asked him not to tell Tracy he called.

He's A Very Naughty Boy: It wasn't murder, it was just a mistake. Tracy, luv, you would know all about that!

Santa's little helper: David ended up being festooned with lights!

If You Can't Be With the One You Love, Love the One You're With: Tracy Barlow for juggling two Rob/erts.

Curb Your Enthusiasm award: Sinead was less than enthusiastic about her holiday in Portugal though did try to hide it.

Second Best award: Mary's looking forward to Brendan's treat of a two course extravaganza in a posh hotel (somehow I doubt that a posh hotel would put something as cheap as that on for Christmas Day)

You did NOT go there award: The garden center name was Lady Garden.

Rubbish Gifts: Chesney gave Sinead a chopper. Mary gave Emily and Norris a disco exercise DVD. Tim gave Sally gardening implements.

Christmas is for kids award: For the amount of little kids on that Street, it seemed odd that the only ones around Santa for quite awhile were Ruby and Hope. What about Jack? Jake? They should have taken Lily out there before she fell asleep and it was ages before Max went out.

Musical wind up: Todd playing Torn Between Two Lovers for Tracy in the pub.

Phrase of Doom award: Carla is content with Nick and thinks Nick can save her. That's the kiss of death just like Kylie said. It'll be about 5 minutes before Carla shoots herself in the stiletto. Another bad omen for Carla was her telling her wish for 2016 out loud when she found the lucky coin in the Christmas pudding. Oh dear.

Lines of the week: 
 Nick to David "You need a wife" David "can you think of anyone? How about Alya, she's pretty fit"
Michelle "He fancies the pants off you" Liz "He can fancy all he wants, they're staying where they are" (that's a first!)
Todd "I was about to become a solicitor. Now look at me!" (and who's fault is that?)
Carla about the wedding dress "I wish I had a pound for every time I had one of these on"
Amy "I don't want a smoothie. I want a mother"
Johnny "I'm going for a pint. Tweet that!"
Tracy "Do I go for something friendly, something funny, something arty? I am all of those things"
David "Fair play to Callum. He never managed it while he was alive. But, dead, he's nailed it. He's torn us apart"
Tracy "Bring me back something awesome" Robert "My personality not enough?" (no, not really)
David to Max "You are so shallow, mate, you're like a paddling pool"
Sally about the Queen "I don't know what it is, but I always find myself identifying with her" (brilliant Sally line!)
Tracy "I care about people, Todd, I'm a people person. People are my thing" Todd "No, Babe, you're just keeping your options open" (got it in one)
Robert to Rob "Just so you know, I'm not threatened by a guy with a designated bedtime"
Tim "it's a girly trowel. That's romantic. That's romance is that."
Norris "I've done 75 years on this planet without succumbing to lycra, I'm not going to start now" (I'm glad to hear it!)
Carla about Nick "He's the one that's going to save me" (oh. Carla. Kylie had it right. Kiss of Death that statement was) Kylie "That's good for you, but I don't want to be saved"

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Louby said...

I don't know what to call this award, but Anna needs one.... Izzy is poorly on Christmas Day, at home with young child so let's just leave her and go elsewhere for lunch. Btw, I'm sure I saw Jack looking at the lights. Some child extras would have been good for those scenes too.

Anonymous said...

Louby,Perhaps Anna should get the 'self-centred martyr'award?I wondered where was Gary?He could've taken their son to see Lapland.
Hyporcrite part 2 award.Ken remembering his late wife Deirdre for a moment at Christmas and then stomping all over her memory with his new girlfriend who should celebrating Christmas with her handicapped son.

Newfy Pearl said...

I did not see mention of Gail. It cracked me up when she told Carla that she was going to catch up with her in marriages. And when she said Carla was like her so it was as if Nick were marrying his mother! LMAO
I really liked that Platt scene. It was like being a fly on the wall. Well done Platts.


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