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Sunday 27 December 2015

Corrie weekly update - Christmas highlighters

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Tracy’s torn between Robert and Rob. She’s so wrapped up in Bob-Bobby world that she forgets to attend her daughter’s violin performance.  One minute Tracy’s swearing undying love in the prison visiting room to Rob and then she’s falling over herself in love with Robert at the Bistro and at the Barlows.  She confides in her one and only friend, her bessie-mate-colleague-fellow nasty piece Todd Grimshaw (and I love that these two have forged a friendship based on the fact that no-one else can stomach either of them).

As Tracy tells Rob that she’ll wait for him when he comes out of prison, inside the Barlow house, Robert asks Ken for Tracy’s hand in marriage. This was a lovely scene, as just as it should be. Ken warns Robert that Tracy’s hard work, but Robert knows that already as he wed her once before. What was it Oscar Wilde said about remarriage being the triumph of optimism over experience?  Anyway, before Robert can pop the question, he gets a visiting order from Rob in the nick. Off he goes, wondering what Rob could possibly have to say to him. In the olden days, when two men fought over a women there’d be pistols at dawn, a duel of sorts. Or there might have been a punch-up at least. As this is a prison visiting room with no physical contact allowed, there was no duel, no fist fights, just bitchy words across a table between two alpha males.  Rob tells Robert that Tracy doesn’t love him, she’s told him as much. Robert storms out with a dignified air. I like Robert, can you tell? 

When he gets back to Weatherfield, Tracy’s waiting for Robert to propose after she finds an engagement ring and in the middle of the Rovers with everyone listening, Robert gives a speech, but the words are not those that Tracy wants to hear. He tells her he knows she’s been visiting Rob in the nick behind his back and under his nose.  When Ken finds out he chucks Tracy out of the house and on Christmas Day too.

So Tracy and Rob’s engagement is off but Tyrone and Fiz’s is on.  Tyrone goes all out and splashes the cash to bring Lapland to Weatherfield for Hope’s Christmas Day.  There are men dressed up as reindeers, a Santa Claus, trees, lights, carol singers, sparkles and twinkles and all manner of everything bright to bring a cheer to little Hope’s face as she battles her cancer.  Wrapped up in the spirit of it all, Tyrone gets down on one knee and asks Fiz to marry him. In the spirit of it all, she agrees.  Ooh, just wait until the bill comes in for this little lot, it’ll fair wipe the smile off Fiz’s face.

Poor Sinead didn’t have a lot to smile about this week. She thought the engagement ring that Tyrone had bought was from Chesney, for her. She got all excited then embarrassed then deflated when she realised it wasn’t for her.  Chesney also looked embarrassed, perhaps pondering on whether Sinead isn’t the girl for him.

Over at Underworld, Aidan lost his highlighter pens. I’m very much enjoying the new Connor clan, all of them, in fact.  Aidan, Kate and Johnny have been welcome additions to the Street, the factory and to the show itself and there was a touching scene when they decorated their Christmas tree with their late mum’s baubles.  Johnny’s twitchy about the news being revealed that he’s really Carla’s dad but for now, this week, it was the calm before the storm, further endearing the whole lot of the Connor clan to me. 

At Sally’s on Christmas Day, she’s looking forward to a quiet day alone with husband Tim and a new pair of pants.  But their seasonal shenanigans are foiled when Kev’s turkey won’t defrost and he ends up at their house for Christmas dinner too, along with Anna and Faye and Sophie and Jack.  Anna and Kevin find themselves under the mistletoe in Sally’s conservatory but are interrupted just as they lean in for a kiss.

Elsewhere this week, David bumps into Callum’s mum Marion when he’s out Christmas shopping.  I don’t know what the point of this was, but it might be poignant later on, m’lud, so I’ll chuck it in here. He and Kylie make up, as predicted.

And finally this week, Craig and Tim have a meal in Roy’s Rolls to celebrate their window-cleaning office Christmas do. A lovely little touch.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Tvor said...

Christmas day was really good! I really enjoyed it all! Great lines, a few outloud laughs, couples in love, couples making up, and of course one or two ending in tears. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that spoilt it for me was Mary trying to act "crying" - it was horrendous!

Anonymous said...

Tvor, are you still in Canada? I am wondering how you were able to view the Christmas Day episode already (obviously, I would like to be able to do that too!)

Rapunzel said...

You need a Geoblocker (I use unlocator) and an ITV Player app. Works for BBC too.

Newfy Pearl said...

I find Corrie right away on Youtube or Dailymotion. People are kind enough to upload to share with us fans in Canada. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, Rapunzel and Newfy Pearl.

Anonymous said...

I used to watch on YouTube all the time (being in the states) but ITV kept removing the videos due to copyright issues - I didn't dare mention the "other site" in case they started doing the same thing there. The other day there was a posting on this blog page with a link to "Vimeo" - a video sharing website based in NY. Does anyone know if they are legit? Seems like they are but I was a bit leery having to create a user name & Password. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@Newfy Pearl, I live in Canada too and, since 21st December, I haven't been able to find a single recent episode on youtube. Do you have a secret power?

Rapunzel said...

Vimeo is a legit site. Like You Tube but with less traffic. It is where the professional and semi-professional film makers post their videos.

Rapunzel said...

Neversurrender906 on YouTube used to post them on You Tube and then somewhere else. Try watching the last two posted videos to see what he/she does with them now.

Rapunzel said...

The sad thing is that the Auntie Corrie account has been removed from You Tube. It used to have all the old episodes from 1976. Unless ITV is planning its own similar service, it seems pretty mean. Not to mention, short sighted - it was free marketing after all.

Anonymous said...

I can only assume that ITV wants to keep their ad supporters happy in England, on CBC in Canada and HULU in the states. If we the viewers watch it on free website services then obviously neither CBC Canada or HULU will pay for the privilege to show the episodes. Can't blame them, but it would be beneficial to everybody on both continents if they would spur CBC Canada and Hulu to be more up to date on their timelines. Canada is about 2 weeks behind and Hulu about 1-2 weeks behind depending on the day. But I don't want to complain about Hulu because it is my lifeline in case the other sites go kaput. Even a week behind is better than nothing. Trust me, I have been there and I sure as heck don't want to go back there.
Thanks for the input. Keep calm and carry on.

Rapunzel said...

NZ is two years behind. TVNZ showed such contempt for Corrie fans that it decided to screen fewer episodes per week than the five that screen in the UK. This meant that we gradually fell further and further behind. On that basis I feel I owe no loyalty to them and have watched up-to-date episodes online since 2012

Unknown said...

Hello, I am also sad that they took down the classic episode channels from Youtube - I had one of them! I enjoyed creating the Auntie Corrie channel and all the viewers loved it. I miss it! Fortunately I still have my collection, and have spent a lot of time cleaning out adverts from the 1990's episodes. I now have a virtually complete collection from 1976 to 2013. I am missing some episodes from 2000-2005 and would love to fill in those blanks. If someone could help, that would be lovely! Best, A.C. - -


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