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Sunday 13 December 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for Dec. 7 - 11

Caught out award: Rita overheard Brendan lie about going to the convention alone...Lying to his wife!!

One is the Loneliest Number award: Liz, Erica and Anna are determined to get back on the dating horse. They're happy with being single, mind you, but yes, they'd quite like a man anyway.

These Things Take Time award: Rita arrived to get her hair done as Nessa left for an errand and she and Yasmeen were both still there when Nessa returned. Does it really take that long to rebuild Rita's coif? (I'm guessing, yes, yes it does!)

Red flag to a bull award: For a man that insists on brutal honesty, Robert lying to Tracy about why he's cancelling their date is only asking for trouble.

Continuity fluff up award: What's the big deal about Ken wearing jeans? Nessa persuaded him to buy some a couple of weeks ago and he's worn them in the past. Are prison visiting times usually at night? Rob saw both Tracy and Johnny in the evening this week.

Musical ambiance: Green Day's "Time of your Life" while Brendan is smooth talking Mary.

Fashion almost-fail: Nessa was considering a flowered jumpsuit for the engagement party. All I could think of was i hoped I had a supply of brain bleach in the cupboard.

Reboot award: Well, Nessa did want a bit of a change and spruce up, after all. That's what she got!

Darth Vader award: Rob. "Johnny, you are her father!" The news certainly did come from the dark side! Rob was only fishing but came up with a big catch.

Chip Off the Old Block Award: Amy could see right through Nessa's attempts to impress Ken by making sweet talk to his granddaughter and is about to take full advantage. Then Amy marked Nessa's cards well and truly, with a threat about not being responsible for her actions if Nessa hurts Granddad! Wonderful!

Lines of the week:
Rob "It's time I made them pay" (AND he's back!)
Liz "It's a full time job being me, you know!"
Sally to Billy "Was Jesus off duty when that blind man needed a miracle?"
Nessa to Roy about jeans "Are you going to treat yourself?" Roy "I take it that's a rhetorical question"
Todd to Sarah "Remember that grotty little flat we used to have?" (You mean the one just 20 feet right over there to your right?)
Leanne "Nice Tracy worries me more than Nasty Tracy does"
Roy "I've never quite understood the point where the old fashioned fairy cake became a cupcake" Yasmeen "Surely not a major linguistic issue"
Todd "The sweet smell of parental manipulation" (does Bethany *ever* go to school?)
Audrey to Anna "There's only so many recently widowed vulnerable men to go around"
Rob to his cellmate "I'm not going to feel your hands. One thing might lead to another"
Nessa "I'm as easy as they come" (you can say that again)
Johnny "I was never her uncle" Rob "How could you be, when you're her dad!" (and there it is!)
Audrey "I'm an experienced hairdresser. Do you think I'd do something like that by accident?"

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Anonymous said...

Senile he firing on all cylinders? Is he really over Deidre that fast or suffering from some sort of age related mental health issues. And what's with Audrey? Carrying on like a teenager? Awful stuff that. I guess some would find it amusing but I find it rather offensive. I guess it's ok for Ken to bed someone half his age with his granddaughter under the same roof..nobody batting an eye except to say that Amy is a chip off the old block. GMAB.

Anonymous said...

Ken has always been a ladies man. He seems to have the same affliction as the women on this Street in that he can't be single for 10 minutes without needing to hook up with someone new. It's typical soap stuff as apparently single people are very boring TV material.

I find Amy offensive on many levels, despite her numerous fans on this blog. Threatening an adult is straight out of Lord of the Flies or Children of the Corn. Nothing endearing or funny about that - purely creepy, rude and potentially in need of institutionalization.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[17;23]In Amy's defense, she's looking for her grandfather whom she knows has been through a lot recently and doesn't want to see him be hurt by Nessa.
Frankly I think it's offensive that Nessa spends more time at the Barlows then with her handicapped son Alex who hasn't met the new man in his mother's life yet.
I also think if anyone needs institionalization,it's Simon not Amy due to his refusal to get counselling for being violently abusiveto his family.

Anonymous said...

WTF award: Gail dipping her finger in Johnny's drink at the engagement party, then putting it her mouth, looking possessed. WTF!

Anonymous said...

Got my eye on you Award: Blanche peering round the photos at Nessa in the armchair.


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