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Monday 14 December 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 14 December

What a moral minefield Sarah finds herself in. She must decide whether or not to terminate her 21 week (approximately) pregnancy. A few more weeks further on, at 24 weeks, and the abortion would not be legal unless there were really dramatic circumstances.  In addition to the trauma of an abortion, Sarah has the anxiety of the baby’s father being the man who attacked her savagely and who was killed by her sister-in-law, Kylie. And, there is the anguished knowledge that Callum’s body is decaying under her mother’s bed.

Now 2 people know about Sarah’s pregnancy, both of whom are urging her not to terminate her pregnancy. Todd reminds Sarah just how upset Sarah was when she lost baby Billy, and Kylie points out that Max is Callum’s son, and she loves him, despite his paternity.   

So far, Sarah’s baby seems to be a tough little soul. He/she has survived Sarah’s heavy drinking and her being knocked down by a car. Now, that baby might just find that it gets the chance to live its life, after all. Explaining to the baby who its father is and what happened to him could be left until later.  

At the nativity play, more of which later, Kylie heads out ‘for some air’, but in fact she is going to the clinic to try to prevent Sarah going through with the abortion. She tells Sarah how in the Nativity play she felt ‘so full of love and pride for Max that she could burst.’ She adds, ‘That baby could be the one good thing that comes out of all this.’ Kylie has a point, in that an addition to the family may be wonderful for everyone.

David, however thinks very differently. Sarah tells him, ‘I’m pregnant and it’s Callum’s.’ David is visibly shocked and in discussion with Kylie tells her that Sarah should have an abortion and that, ‘One day, she will thank us for it.’ Kylie tells him that he is being naïve. Kylie thinks it will, ‘all work out.’ David asks her, ‘Now who’s being naïve?’   

The nativity is a fertile breeding ground for some of the most irritating people on the planet –the pushy, competitive parent. Dev’s children play Mary and Joseph but it is Max who steals the show with an adlib. He says to Mary and Joseph who ask for a room, that there is ‘a stable around the back if you don’t mind donkey-poo – it gets everywhere.’ Mary is clapping every syllable Asha or Aadi utter and perhaps sees future Oscars awaiting them.

Johnny is preoccupied and as the woman who may be his daughter says, he is ‘twitchy’ which amounts to the same thing.  He chooses Liz for his confidante – a future romance here? -  and tells her that Carla may be his daughter. He is in turmoil and admits, ‘I feel like I’m cracking up.’

 As Liz says, a DNA test will be required and that he can’t just ‘swab her mouth or yank some hair out of her head’ so she will have to be informed. But luck strikes. Carla’s chewing gum is in the bin, but the letter she has just licked to seal it he grabs hold of and tears off the strip she has licked.

Aidan arrives to see his dad and Liz in cahoots and they cover up what they were really talking about, making out that they were talking about having a Christmas ‘do’ at the Rovers for the factory’s clients.

 Having found out that Johnny has been summoned by Rob to the prison, Tracy wants to know what is going on. Johnny doesn’t let on and succeeds in fobbing Tracy off. Robert is a little anxious about Tracy having interest in Rob aroused, but Tracy lies. Robert asks Carla, ‘Have I got anything to worry about?’ Carla’s reply is, ‘You’re going out with Tracy - you’ve got everything to worry about.’

Erica and Anna are off to the Singles Night and both scrub up very well indeed, especially Anna. Erica always looks glamorous, but Anna looked lovely and so different from her daily café incarnation. Before the evening Kevin is told by Erica to get a babysitter and ‘go live a little.’

Kevin is here too and after claiming he’s there for Quiz Night, has to admit his real purpose. There is chemistry between Anna and Kevin, unless I imagined it, and it seems Kevin agrees with Faye, who tells her mum that she is not a ‘munter’ as young people say today. Anna was pretty successful - Barry the plumber, with 1 child and an interest in Martial Arts, seems keen.

Finally, Michael is persuaded to go to the awards evening, after vehemently resisting. Dee even gives him her dad's cufflinks. Is he going in order to please Eileen, or to please Dee or has he just decided he'll go?

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Anonymous said...

So..Sarah is getting enough money to raise a 14 year old and another mouth to feed from where? She doesn't even have her own place or will she sponge off her mum and granny for the foreseeable?

Anonymous said...

" addition to the family may be wonderful for everyone." Can you be serious? I can't see how anything palatable, never mind wonderful, could ever come out of Sarah having this baby. She has no real job, no home, was nearly murdered by the baby's father, etc. etc. I am totally with David on this one. He seems to be the only reasonable member of the family at the moment. Having watched him grow up, Lord knows I never thought I would say that!

abbyk said...

It's hard to believe this is the same David who went off the rails when Tina aborted his baby. Regardless of how you feel, it's quite a switch and part of why I think David is an endlessly interesting character to watch.

If you like seeing characters interacting with different folk, this was your night. Erica, Anna and Kevin, who knew? Then there were new pals Liz and Jonnie. Tim killed it in the cab office, esp in a role you'd expect to see filled by Lloyd or Steve. And Nick got to be a good big brother to Sarah. Except for always annoying Mary and Lord Michael of Damp Squib, a good night.

Ruth owen said...

Yes I am serious about the baby being great for everyone.

Tvor said...

Nick also knows about the baby, they told him though it was off screen. Clear that he knew when he was walking Sarah back home, being a very supportive big brother. Of course he doesn't know the real story, he just thinks Callum left. It's a thorny issue, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I rather like Liz & Jonny together. At first I wasn't too keen on the idea, but I think this just might work unless Tony comes back and Liz takes him back which would crush Jonny. Not fair.
I'm still not sure about Kevin & Anna - yes they have chemistry, sort of, but it's hardly a flaming romance and if Jenny Bradley comes back that would just complicate everything.
The best part of tonight's episodes was no Ken/Nessa = Kenessa - yeah

John McE said...

Considering David has always been so hung up about Gail nearly aborting him (anyone else remember that Christmas dinner?), you'd think he might have very strong anti-abortion views... but then I guess that wouldn't suit the plot, so its forgotten.

Ruth owen said...

Oh yes, John McE, good point about Savid's reaction.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The Callum story just goes on and on. Sarah's situation is entirely different from Kylie, who was trying to show her the benefits of keeping the baby. Sarah already has a child, a teenager whose own father is now dead. At least, her kids will have something in common. Sarah is young; she could meet a man and have another child in a stable relationship if that's what she wanted. Too late now, and Sarah will either fall downstairs or the baby will be born. If it's born, my guess is that Marion will want to be a loving grandmother and Sarah and baby will go and live with her. Bethany, who will hate her sibling, will live with one of the Platts.

I like Kevin and Anna. It sets up all sorts of storylines where Sally and Anna might now be friends or they could turn into Hyacinth Bucket and her sister, Daisy. Sophie becomes a big sis to Faye, Anna adores little Jack, compensating for Miley, Tim and Kevin spend hours in the Rovers, complaining about being hen-pecked. What's not to like?

Liz and Johnny, just right. I mentioned this before but I still wonder whether Kate was cast for similar looks to Carla. They do look like sisters, but neither of them look like Johnny!

abbyk said...

Humpty, funny you said that about the looks. Durig the prison visit, I couldn't stop noticing how much Rob looks like Jonny, far more so than Aidan, Carla or Kate.

Cobblestone said...

I really hope Tony does return; Terence Maynard was excellent. But his time with Liz is surely 100% over. It would be madness to undermine Liz' epic revenge by putting them back together. I could see Erica as a strong, feisty match for him but she's too loyal to Liz to go down that road.

Cobblestone said...

Love 'Lord Michael if Damp Squib'. When are they going to return him to Gail, his legal wife, and let us see the more light-hearted version of the character return? He's never anything but bad-tempered with Eileen - and they just don't work! They look ridiculous together.


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