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Friday 18 December 2015

Preview of tonight's Corrie - Friday 18 December

Friday 18th December
ROB HAS PLANS FOR ROBERT Tracy thanks Robert for his grand gesture and kissing him, tells him he’s right, it’s time for a change of direction and that a florists is a great idea. In his prison cell, Rob confides in Ian that he intends to introduce himself to Robert.
EILEEN VENTS HER FURY AT MICHAEL Dee rages at Michael. Gail rushes to Michael’s defence telling Dee how he burgled her house too but he’s a good man underneath. Eileen squirms with embarrassment. As Billy announces the winner, Michael Rodwell, Michael flees from the bistro. Dee leaves, telling Michael that if he ever tries to contact her again, she’ll report him to the police. Michael apologises to Eileen for letting her down and causing her so much embarrassment. But will Eileen accept his apology?
THE COST OF CHRISTMAS HITS TYRONE HARD Fiz leads Tyrone into No.9 and reveals the Christmas makeover. Tyrone’s gutted, explaining he was looking forward to decorating the house with the kids. Sinead, Beth and Kirk leave feeling hurt. Fiz berates Tyrone for his ingratitude over the decorations.
ELSEWHERE Kylie tells David she wants him back and the kids need their Dad but if he can’t do it then they should call it quits. David’s stunned. Zeedan watches Robert at work and suggests a way he could improve upon a recipe. Robert offers him a job in the bistro kitchen, will Zeedan accept? Finding Aidan alone, Eva wonders what’s the matter. Aidan confides in her that it’s 22 years since his mother died.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love it, the more carp Eileen gets thrown at her, the better. I absolutely despise this character.

Anonymous said...

Agree. I can't bear her!

Zagg said...

Enough with Tyrone and the Lapland Christmas schtick. He's "gutted" because he was looking forward to decorating himself? He should be down on his knees thankful that he has such great friends who would go the extra mile to decorate for his kids? It's too over the top. They have taken what should have been a sweet situation and ran it into the ground, making Tyrone just look like an irresponsible, childish boob.

Ancient corrier said...

Now, this has been bothering me for ages, would a young couple with two small children still have a '70's cocktail bar ( with glasses) in their kitchen/ sitting room? Just get rid of it and give them more room.

Cobblestone said...

I would guess it's Tyrone's sentimental memories of Jack and Vera that makes him keep the bar, but I agree, it's a hideous thing and they'd be better off with more room. Fizz, we should remember, was once a talented and quirky underwear designer - that sort of creative mind would be unlikely to put up with a monstrosity like that for long. In fact, I'd have thought she'd have redecorated the whole house - but then she did endure the god-awful multi-coloured No.5 for years!


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