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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 30 December

Wednesday 30th December
TYRONE RESORTS TO DESPERATE MEASURES As Fiz prays that today’s scan will yield good news for Hope, Tyrone secretly opens a letter from the loan company demanding payment. When he discovers another cheque has bounced, a desperate Tyrone dips into the garage’s petty cash. Kevin catches him and is shocked by Tyrone’s desperation. When Sophie then blurts out that she and Kevin are taking a holiday in the sun before the builders start work on the garage expansion next week, Kevin’s embarrassed. As Tyrone is forced to admit that his debts run to £10K will Kevin feel able to offer him any support? And will Tyrone be forced to confess to Fiz?
CARLA CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH Johnny calls Rob and informs him he’s told Carla the truth so his blackmail plot has failed. Rob’s thwarted and furious. Nick’s gobsmacked when Carla reveals Johnny’s secret and Rob’s blackmail attempt. At the factory Aidan celebrates winning the O’Driscoll contract and heads off to tell Carla. Johnny’s filled with dread at the prospect of Carla revealing all to Aidan and Kate about his past. Roy and Nick implore Carla not to distress Aidan and Kate with the truth in her bid to punish Johnny. But will Carla take their advice on board?
EMILY’S READY FOR ONE BIG ADVENTURE Billy senses Emily’s yearning to volunteer in Peru and encourages her to go for it. Her mind made up, Emily announces she’s off to Peru.
ELSEWHERE At Amy’s request, Ken grudgingly allows Tracy to move back into No.1. To Audrey’s amazement, Nessa persuades Ken to throw a New Year’s Eve party. Audrey questions whether Ken really wants to host a party and wonders if Deirdre would approve of Nessa. Has Audrey gone too far?

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Anonymous said...

Tyrone's\Fiz's storyline is beyond ridiculous now.The Lapland Christmas for Hope[ who didn't seem too impressed]cost 10k and not only does Tyrone wonder if he should tell Fiz but he's stealing from his business partner now?!Tyrone could be fired or even arrested for fraud or theft if he's not careful! Then where will the Dobbs be?

Cobblestone said...

How do you fire someone from a business they own 50% of? More relevantly, how come Tyrone's share of the profits seems to be amounting to so little? Kevin's half was enough to secure a bank loan to buy the Arch, as well as pay that child-minder every day, but Tyrone appears to be on a low salary. I know Fizz isn't earning currently, but nor should they need to pay for child-minding; they should be as comfortably off as Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Cobblestone, I was thinking the exact same thing! I thought Tyrone was a partner. Would Fizz not get what we have in Canada Unemployment Insurance? The writers have obviously lost the plot again! I love the show but this kind of stuff drives me crazy.

Newfy Pearl said...

Kevin still had money left over from his lottery winnings. He also lives alone with his son and I dare say he does not spoil him with things that a mother probably would. And didn't it come up in earlier times something about tyrone's partnership...I don't think it was 50/50.


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