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Thursday 24 December 2015

Coronation Street Weds 23rd December episode review

Hiya! It's Jordan again with this week's Wednesday review.

In tonight's episode, Robert gives Tracy the cold shoulder when she suggests an extra half hour in bed. She is a little miffed, but when Nick hands Robert a letter which has arrived at the Bistro for him, his reasoning becomes clear. It's a visiting order from Rob.  Over at the shop, Tracy can't decide on a new name for her new florist business. She could save on the cost of half the new sign by simply changing 'Buys' to 'Bunches' or 'Blooms'. Todd answers a phone call from 'RD' while Tracy is busy. Of course, it's Rob and naturally, Todd can't overlook it. He manages to drag it out of Tracy, who is hopeful that her convicted murderer ex-almost-husband will be out soon due to an apparent technicality. Todd is exasperated, but Tracy tries to explain her lingering feelings for him. And I thought it was opposites that attract. I'm really not sure where this storyline is going; it's a rather empty one as far as I am concerned. I'd also love to know how Rob is in possession of a mobile phone in prison. That needs to be explained. On a positive note, I think Todd and Tracy make an excellent double act in that shop.   Later on, Robert confides in Leanne that he has received a visiting order and that he has to go to find out whatever it is that Rob has to tell him about Tracy.

"Tracy, he's a murderer..."
"Everybody makes mistakes!"

Christmas on the cobbles is fast approaching and for the Platts, this year is going to be a rocky one; much like every other year.  David is back at number 8 after staying at Audrey's, but only for a fleeting moment to put his clothes in the washing machine and he shows no signs of wishing to reconcile with Kylie. He then heads off into town to get a Christmas jumper and his own birthday cake, thanks to Gail. Looking suitably dapper and  Christmassy camp in his new elf-suit jumper, he notices a woman crying to the police just up the road. It's Marion. She notices David and the two approach each other. She's shaken- no more than usual, but she's shaken nonetheless. Her purse has been robbed- all her money, cards and Callum's school photo gone. David takes her for a coffee, with plenty of sugar (for the shock) and the bewildered mother laments to the husband of her son's murderer. She still has no clue where Callum is. People are telling  her she's better off without him but it appears she has become somewhat of a loner since Callum's 'disappearance'. She has fallen out with her sister and she has totally given up on the idea of Christmas. However, she cheers up greatly when David agrees that she can see Max again.

"It's like he's died..."
"She saw the good in me. Why can't Kylie? Fair play to Callum.
He never managed it when he were alive but dead, he's nailed it. He's torn us apart."

Tyrone is busy, yet again, coordinating all of the decorations and making the Street into Lapland ready for Hope's return from hospital for Christmas. He gets a phone call from teary Fiz, which we don't get to hear, but it is obvious it is bad news and it is heavily implied that Hope probably won't be home for Christmas. Tyrone doesn't let this stop him though; he simply decides to get bigger decorations. I prefer Fiz's approach to Hope's illness. She is being realistic. She's hoping for Hope, which is all that really can be done. Tyrone has buried his head in the sand and is making himself believe that his wishful thinking will cure her. He's spending money they really do not have and is trying to do the best he can, but in reality, the best he can do is, like Fiz, hope for Hope.

After Anna had a dud date the other night, it looked like we were edging ever closer to the pairing of Anna and Kevin. I'm sure she secretly wished Kevin's was a dud too, but when we saw his date from the other night getting out of a taxi and heading to his house, my heart sank along with hers. I'd love for Anna and Kevin to get together, especially in the midst of all the cattiness between Mrs Tanner and Mrs Walker at the minute- I mean, Mrs Windass and Mrs Metcalfe. This caused a giggle or two tonight when snooty Sally waltzed into the pub and tactlessly asked Anna to explain to Faye that she can't visit dad Tim on Christmas Day, since it is their first Christmas together as Mr and Mrs Metcalfe, all the while detailing just how she has pushed the boat out.

"I just need a word. It's about Christmas Day, it's a bit delicate. It's just, it's our first one together as man and wife"
"It's a bit late for the birds and the bees, Sal"
"And I want it to be really special. Freshco's finest goose, nice wine. I've splashed out £12.99 a bottle"
"I'd want a crate for that"

A good episode tonight. I liked the return of Marion - I am enjoying the whole Callum storyline, but the faster it progresses, the better.

Thanks for reading! Merry Christmas!

Jordan. @JordanLloyd39

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Louby said...

I believe all sorts of banned things can be obtained in prison if you know the right people!
I quite liked seeing Marion again, but before long she'll find out about Sarah's baby leading to lots more angst on all sides.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Jordan! Enjoyable blog.

Anonymous said...

Sally needs visits from the ghosts of Christmas Past,Present and Future as she's become a nasty Scrooge!Hasn't she even considered that Tim would want to see his daughter?

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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