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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Spoilers for Christmas week on Coronation Street

Without any piffle, here's the storylines for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday December 21 to Friday December 25
Note: extra episode on Christmas Eve and hour-long episode on Christmas Day

Robert proposes to Tracy, Tyrone proposes to Fiz, Jonny’s rattled when Michelle says Kate and Carla could be sisters, Underworld takes on O’Driscolls at ping-pong.

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C in Canada said...

I thought it was Kate that's Johnny's daughter, and Caz was the fiancé?

Anonymous said...

After reading about Chesney and Sinead being invited to visit Joseph in Portugal,I wonder if Izzy will be invited as well to visit her mother and sister?
I am relieved that Nessa won't be spending Christmas with Ken.

Anonymous said...

That photo of Chesney says everything about that character in one look. He and David Platt are the two characters I cannot fathom why any woman in her right mind would find them attractive. I don't mean physically, as a great personality and character is far more attractive than looks. They are both such whiners - manchild kind of personalities. At his young age Craig has more character and personality than both Chesney and David put together.

Of course Sally's plans for a quiet Christmas with Tim are ruined by wayward extraneous souls who couldn't figure out what to do with themselves alone. That is a very weird element of Christmas, especially on this Street, that I don't understand. Not every Christmas table needs to reflect A Christmas Carol for heaven's sake.

Out of the "goodness of is heart" David took Max to see Marion? More like out of guilt and to potentially shut her up. David is nothing if not self-serving at every opportunity.

Let's hope Tracy gets her comeuppance. Steve would not miss Christmas with Amy just because Andy broke his leg. Shame on the writers for not coming up with a better reason. Steve may be many things that Michelle delights in snarking about but he genuinely cares about Amy.

Poor fool-hearted Mary. Perhaps this Christmas will bring the reality of her situation crashing down around her ears. I hope Rita isn't to self-righteous in her told-you-so's.

The comment about Carla and Kate was the perfect opportunity for Johnny to come clean. He should have chosen a quiet word very shortly thereafter and explained that the comment nearly burst his heart and he can't keep the secret from Carla anymore. She'll be furious. There will be hell to pay. But then they can move forward and Rob will have nothing to blackmail Johnny about. If nothing else, Johnny could say that he didn't know he was Carla's father until he spoke to Rob. So many options, yet blackmail is still the choice?

Anonymous said...

*the comment about Carla and Kate looking like sisters in their wedding dresses.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous[ 21;33]I thought your reference to a 'Christmas Carol' was rather appropriate as Sally was acting like 'Scrooge'telling Tim he cannot spend Christmas with his daughter and her daughter who's missing Maddie this Christmas?I don't think even Hyacinth Bucket would be that cold.

abbyk said...

For all the tumult that a Barlow family Christmas usually entails, it would be nice to see Tracy and Ken having a quiet family day missing Deirdre. Maybe a gentle visitor or two, i.e. Roy or Emily.

Cobblestone said...

Anonymous 21:33 - I wouldn't put David in the same bracket as Chesney. He has bags of personality (even if it's often unpleasant). Most importantly, he has wit; he can be a very funny guy, although his sarcasm often descends to cruelty, and it's a commonplace that women like a man who can make them laugh. So long as you're on the right side of him, I can understand Kylie's attraction to him (and why Max loves him as a far-from-conventional dad). Chesney, regrettably, has pretty much nothing going for him at all! His pairing with Katy was utterly unlikely, but I do t even get what Sinead sees in him.


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