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Friday 25 December 2015

Preview of Christmas Day episode of Coronation Street

Christmas Day Hour-Long
ROBERT GIVES TRACY A CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER When Tracy overhears Amy telling Robert that he can be her number two Dad, Tracy realises that Robert is the one for her. In the Rovers, Tracy confides in Todd that she reckons Robert is about to propose and she’s going to accept. Robert pulls out the engagement ring from his pocket but before Tracy can take it, he demands to know why she’s told Rob she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Can Tracy talk Robert round and get him to place the ring on her finger? Meanwhile Johnny’s phone rings and seeing the caller is Rob, Carla takes the call. Carla chats to Rob whilst Johnny goes into meltdown, will Rob spill the beans about Johnny’s past?
IT’S A WINTER WONDERLAND ON THE COBBLES Tyrone produces some crackers and explains that each one is personalised. Sinead pulls the wrong cracker and is thrilled when an engagement ring lands in her lap. Tyrone quickly retrieves it, explaining it’s for Fiz. Sinead’s mortified whilst Chesney’s embarrassed. As they lead the girls out on to the street to reveal Lapland, Santa pulls up. Getting down on one knee in the snow, Tyrone produces the ring and proposes to Fiz. Will Fiz accept?
KYLIE AND DAVID FIND THEIR CHRISTMAS SPARK Kylie presents David with an expensive watch but he’s underwhelmed. Kylie strides into the pub, a woman on a mission and telling David she loves the bones of him, kisses him passionately. Will David reciprocate?
ELSEWHERE Sally and Tim look forward to their first Christmas alone together. But when Sophie and Kevin discover their turkey’s still frozen, Sally’s forced to invite them round. Meanwhile Izzy’s taken ill and Tim finds himself forced to invite Anna and Faye to join them too. As they play charades at No.4. Kevin goes to kiss Anna under the mistletoe, will Anna respond? Mary confides in Rita how much she’s looking forward to spending the evening with Brendan. But as Mary waits alone in a hotel lounge for Brendan to join her, will she be stood up? Caz arrives home and surprises Kate, telling her she’s booked them into a posh hotel for the night. But will Kate be as excited as Caz?

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Louby said...

A lot of us who comment on this blog often mention glaring errors, me included. This time it's Hope. She was in hospital just a day or two ago with an infection, now she's being taken round people's houses to be exposed to any germs flying around, then outside in the cold.

Newfy Pearl said...

Face the World Alone Award - Tracy Barlow! Most everyone else would have fled the Pub...but no - in the face of humiliation she stayed.
Hypocrite Award - Ken Barlow! Like he has never strung along two women at one time.....but he is so disgusted with Tracy. Get a grip!
Star Crossed Lover Award - Can't wait for Kevin and Anna's first kiss!!!!!
Best Jumper Award - Ken and Eccles Barlow!
Sulk Award - Tyrone. I was disgusted that despite all of the hard work he would rather go inside and sulk for the night. Yes Hope was still in hospital but litte Ruby could have enjoyed the lights and decorations.
Foolish Woman Award - Mary! I am so disappointed that the writers have chosen to have Mary swallow hook line and sinker the lies of a married man. I never thought she would give up the happy time she could have had for a man who has no respect for family. The children (who she says have been through enough) surely would have enjoyed the fun she could have added to their holiday.
I would love to read other people's comments. :-)

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl,I agree with all your comments particurely about Tyrone.
I feel sorry for little Ruby as I think as in the case when she was born and Tyrone was having an affair with Fiz sneaking to be with her and Hope at Christmas because he was afraid of Kirsty but yet left their daughter behind with an unstable mother,she's being neglected again.I understand that Hope is very ill but Tyrone should remember that it's Christmastime for his daughter too.

Newfy Pearl said...

Thank you Anonymous - and you bring up a good point as well.
Also...Best Friend Award goes to Beth....I love that she was there for Tracy. :-)


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