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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Spoiler for 2016: Cannabis on Coronation Street

Much is being made in the press today of a "drugs shock storyline" in Corrie for 2016.  And it's actually going to be more interesting than the screaming tabloid headlines make it sound.

The storyline will focus on Izzy who turns to cannabis to help with pain relief.  She's given the cannabis from Erica.

A Corrie source has confirmed the storyline and said show bosses were working with experts about the subject. More on the subject of cannabis use for pain relief can be found here on the NHS website.

It's not the first time that waccy-baccy has been featured on Coronation Street.  Back in 2003 Vera once cooked some cakes with the drug after she was given some 'special herbs' by Maz at the allotment.  She unwittingly served up hash cakes in Roy's Rolls and this ended up being quite a merry scene with Rita, Roy, Norris and Emily high on space cakes.

And of course, Emily is no stranger to cannabis either, allowing her nephew Spider to smoke his 'special cigarettes' in her house.

And as recent as last year, Rita found Dennis high a kite in The Kabin after eating "special brownies".

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Roni said...

Sylvia,(Stephanie Cole) had been using it to ease her aching joints, I believe was the storyline. She had been purchasing it from a gentleman at the local seniors club. Too bad the storyline was cut short as it was one of my favourite ones. I wish Roy would mention his mom once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Izzy is a pain.

Tvor said...

Oh i'd forgotten about Sylvia. That was the time she made a big soap suds beard on Roy!!

martin crook said...

I hope corrie keeps it real, maybe the politicians will have to take note when the message finally gets across to the general population...#LEGALISEIT. #PHOENIXTEARS....

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