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Friday 18 December 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday 17 December

It's party time on Corrie, with do's at the Bistro, the factory and chez Brown-Dobbs. It's also present time as Tracy asks for something "not too cheap or understated" (or an eviscerated Cabbage Patch Doll) from Robert, whilst at the same time giving herself a little gift by visiting her bit on the side, or rather bit in the prison, Rob. I like the return of Mr Donovan, presumably taking a break from panto rehearsals, although I wish TPTB hadn't outlined his murky plans beforehand; his revenge would have made a good reveal, although I can't see how his actions towards Carla constitute vengeance. We've already seen Johnny acting fatherly towards Ms Connor (despite his not being there for her during all the terrible things that have happened to her since she first set stiletto on the cobbles).

Johnny is my fave of the nouveau Connors, although I'm slowly warming to Aidan and I think his respectful wooing of Eva (who knows how to, ahem, whip out her rod to fish in the company pond, in a stunning red dress with a can of beer for the boss) might be the making of his character, although I do wish one of the veteran members of the cast would take him aside and request that he a-n-u-n-c-i-a-t-e, but as for Kate, I fear that my eye will soon be taken out by her wardrobe from the 1974 Clothkits Catalogue. Dressed in this episode in a surprisingly tasteful festive jumper, I nonetheless worry that if there's another fire in Rovers or the factory, she, in her lurex jerseys, peasant blouses and polyester shirts, is going to go up like a Christmas tree.

Eva wins Who Wore It Best

Talking of which, despite having insisted on a hefty beer ration for the Underworld Xmas party, Beth forgoes the factory shindig to decorate Fiz and Tyrone's front room with sparkly and shiny items bought with donations from the factory girls (and Sean, who gives a fiver and then looks askance at Sally when she takes £10 change for a twenty) to make it look like Kendall's window, even if one of the wise men has lost his head.

The other theme of the ep is lies: Tracy's to Rob and Robert, Rob's to Tracy, Michael's re: Dee (whilst True by Spandau Ballet plays on the Rovers' jukebox) He self-accuses: "I'm a thief, a liar, and a fraud", but he is saved from having to confess all to Eileen or Dee by her next door neighbour fingering him for the burglary. Didn’t Michael say that Gail's was the first place he'd attempted to rob? And wouldn't he have confessed to his other burglaries when he was repentant in chokey?

Robert plays Santa by presenting Tracy with flowers and poinsettias and the seed of an idea: to turn the pawn-shop into a florist. Also after job satisfaction is Zeedan, to whom Leanne offers some seasonal work in the Bistro.

Meanwhile, for the third year running, David and Kylie are at loggerheads at Christmas, Fat Brenda's on a shopping trip to York, Sinead and Ches are off to Portugal, Tim tries to undercut God for the window cleaning at the church, Kevin and Anna agree to compare dates, and we learn that Roy sells turkey and stuffing muffins (erm, yum?).

Rachel Stevenson, on twitter at @rachel_london

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Cobblestone said...

I blinked and was astounded to see Billy apparently teleport from the Faktry shindig to comparing the event in the Bistro. Like his Boss, he seems omnipresent and, indeed, moves in mysterious ways ...

coconno196 said...

Think you mean "compèring". 😊 I find Billy rather annoying. The way he follows Sarah around, constantly asking if she is OK, interrupting private conversations and offering to support her, seems more like stalking to me. It really is none of his business unless Sarah actually asks for his help.

Anonymous said...

Excellent review!!

Tvor said...

I think it was turkey and stuffing *on* a muffin. And I doubt that a muffin in the UK is the cakey kind of treat we think of it here in Canada.

Cobblestone said...

We do have cake-style muffins as well, Tvor, but what Leanne was after would have been an English, or breakfast, muffin. It's a savoury baked goods. Cheese flavoured muffins are particularly delicious!

Tvor said...

yes we have English Muffins too, love them! Egg, ham/bacon and cheese breakfast sandwiches are getting very popular here. Some places (not fast food joints, tho) make them with a real egg rather than the liquid egg stuff.

Newfy Pearl said... food joints? like McDonalds uses real eggs in their Egg McMuffins. :-)
Enjoyed the episode. Bit confused with Robert though. He is doing nice things for Tracy yet it was only recently he kicked her out of the Bistro.....
I was disgusted with Michael....not for the mischief with Dee, but rather for the way he took Gail's support for granted. Michael and Eileen....egad!

Cobblestone said...

Yes, Gail rallied immediately in his defence, as she always has - while Eileen demanded he 'make it up to her'. Good God, he made it clear enough to her that he wanted nothing to do with the award. She was the one who insisted they go; if she was embarrassed, it's her own selfish fault! How stupid is this man? I swear, Eileen will turn on him one of these days and eat him!

On an unrelated note, I'm finding myself liking Zedan more and more. Now if only that new job can be combined with a day release course at catering college!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the Michael character..whine, simper act like an idiot... reoeat.

Anonymous said...

Whine, simper, repeat

Rachel Stevenson said...

Glad that my review has once again triggered some Anglo-Canadian food discussion (a la the poutine episode). I assumed a savoury version of a sweet muffin, rather than turkey and sage 'n' onion on an English muffin, but I must say that both sound icky.

John McE said...

Didn't Dee or her friend refer to the burglary as "years ago"?

Just how long was Michael committing these crimes? I understood that he had only broken into a couple of homes before meeting Gail and "going straight".

Mind you , it's hard to believe a complete and utter wimp like Michael would have even broken the speed limit, let alone lived a life of crime.

abbyk said...

Actually, I'll wave my Yankee doodles and say that it's kind of hilarious to see Brits and Canadians debating the virtues of the Egg McMuffin. Egg with Canadian bacon and American cheese on an English muffin. Hmmmmmm, there's something for everybody. And its available all day now, at least over/down here. :D


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