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Thursday 17 December 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 16 December

Well. what a surprise! It's me again with this week's Wednesday review.

In tonight's episode, we start off around the Platt's breakfast table, often a hotbed of sniping and sighing and this breakfast time was no exception. Gail senses that something is wrong between Kylie and David when David sharply insists upon taking Max to school. Bethany, however, is not at school- yet again. Thanks to a rather convenient 'coursework day' just before Christmas, she ends up in the back room in the salon with Audrey doing her nails. When Audrey goes for lunch at the Bistro with Gail and Sarah, David and Kylie are unaware that she is still there and, along with customer Todd, begin another discussion about the elephant in the room- or rather, the baby in the Sarah. Bethany being her hot-headed self marches to the Bistro and spectacularly drops the bombshell. Needless to say, Gail and Audrey are dismayed, even moreso when Sarah adamantly announces she is going to keep it. However, I have to question Gail's rather harsh accusation that despite all stupid things Sarah has done this 'takes the biscuit'. I would say that getting pregnant at age thirteen, getting kidnapped by a cha troom stalker and framing her own brother for the use of ecstasy tablets are just a tad worse than being unknowingly pregnant.

"I've had time to think of this. It's a good thing"
"A good thing? You, up the duff, by the monster who terrorised our whole family?"

(I think you mean one of the monsters, Gail)

It is after all this drama that things to calm down. Somewhat, anyway. Bethany decides to apologise to Sarah after a chat with Kylie and David. Things turn sour again though when David tells Kylie that he thinks they should separate, leaving Kylie bewildered. I can see why Kylie and David should split up in the short term; it would be a natural occurrence after the stress of killing a drug dealer and hiding his body underground, but I really hope this isn't the end of the what is so far one of the longest running Platt marriages ever (a whole four years!)

"Once the kids are in bed, I'll pack a bag and I'll go. Our marriage is dead".

Tracy laments to Robert about her lack of sales in the shop and plays the doting girlfriend, groaning when he has to leave her for work. But there is something else on her mind. She's clearly in a good mood when she insists Todd goes home early, after lying through her teeth that she had a lonely quiet night in planned as Robert is at work. And then the phone goes. It's Rob- the other one, calling to confirm her prison visit. It will be interesting to see Tracy visit Rob again, now that he knows she has a Robert, but she seems to want both Rob and Robert. An interesting storyline, I guess, but I don't really see where it's going. And with a Rob and a Robert, it's like Bet and Betty all over again!

"I'll be there. I've even bought something nice to wear. I thought you might like it if we tried to
make the other inmates a bit jealous"

There's more secret keeping in the Platt family, as Gail knows about Michael's guilty secret regarding Dee but Eileen is still in the dark. This pleases Gail no end, I am sure. Eileen is pushing for Michael to attend the award ceremony on Friday at which he has been nominated for the Weatherfield Good Samaritan of the Year award, even going to the trouble of writing his speech. At the pub, Michael leaves Eileen in a booth and goes to the bar to confide more in Gail. He still doesn't feel comfortable receiving an award for which he was nominated by a woman he once  burgled. Gail gives him a Platt pep talk, reminding him that we just have to learn to deal with whatever life throws at us. She's right; I think she's done remarkably well dealing with what life has thrown at her. And being widowed four times is just the tip of the iceberg!

"And it was all thanks to the generosity and open- what does that say?"
"Open mindedness."
"Open mindedness of my partner Eileen Grimshaw, who has always been at my side encouraging and supporting my tireless work for the community"
"Brilliant! Even if I do say so myself" 

Elsewhere, Anna receives some naughty texts from a man she met at singles night, Billy only takes Sean on a date because the event at the church has been cancelled and Andy rants about driftwood.

A good episode tonight, especially with the revelation for the Platt family. Performance of the episode goes to Lucy Fallon as Bethany. She plays the fiery teenager brilliantly. Even though I was rooting for this pregnancy to disappear as soon as possible, I am now looking forward to see if it adds any dynamic to the already messy storyline.

As always, thanks for reading!

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abbyk said...

Sorry Jordan but I have to disagree with you about Sarah. Birth control is a conversation she should have already had with 16 year old Bethany; a wild child and unwanted pregnancy should be on her mind. She knows what it is to be a single mom, she doesn't have a place to live or two nickels to rub together. As she is a supposedly responsible adult, and isn't mentally deficient, emotionally unwell, or an immature teen, yeah, getting pregnant was very stupid. And Gail, for the first time in ages, made sense. I wouldn't wish a miscarriage on anyone but, as Sarah is a tv character and not a real person, I do hope she has one as it's probably to late to abort and I don't want to suffer through any more Callum dramatics.

With Michael whinging on about the Samaritan do, stupid adults trying to text romance, Tracy in the kitchen, and David rashly walking out on Kylie, at least we had Tim filling in for Steve in the Street Cars chair. Highlight of the night.

abbyk said...

Oh, also liked the return of the pointless silly conversation, this time in the hands of Andy and Steph.

Anonymous said...

Any scene with Michael and Eileen is like watching paint dry. Whoever thought they would make a good pair got it wrong. Stunt's over, time for Les Dennis to go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that Michael and Eileen make an awful couple. Totally boring and pointless relationship. Please send them both away. On the other hand, I really think more attention should be given to Andy and Steph as individuals and as a couple. It's too bad that there aren't any other characters their age and stage in life to mix it up.

The one highlight was Audrey responding that Bethany was too OLD to get pregnant in this family when Bethany blurts out that perhaps she, too should get pregnant. Rare split second comedy gold in a show that's been slowly decaying. Reminded me immediately as to what Blanche would say in similar circumstances.

Tvor said...

Yes, loved Audrey's line!!! I really did laugh out loud at that one. Taking up with Callum to spite her brother was far stupider than getting pregnant by accident, though it was an obvious result. Soap cliche and all that.

Anonymous said...

There is not one woman on the street that practices birth control...not one, which is odd..being that this IS 2015 and all, and you can get contraceptive devices from a vending machine FGS. Bethany wanted to jump into the sack with Callum herself, so what is she ragging on at her mum over? BTW..they need to recast the Bethany character...she looks older than Sarah.

Anonymous said...

this may sound mad, but I really liked Michael being in the Platt family, at least he was able to be a calmer, sensible person when everybody else was running around in circles shooting barbs and wringing their hands. Michael with Eileen just doesn't seem to work. On the other hand, Tim in the cab office is comedy gold. Golly I love that man. It will be fun to see how Tim & Steve get on when he does get back. May just be like old times between Lloyd & Steve, except now it will be Tim & Steve.

Anonymous said...

Michael winning a good Samaritan award? Ridiculous he was obviously the only person nominated. Usually these awards are given to people who have saved someone's life not helping carrying in someone's groceries.
Oh goody idiotic Sarah is pregnant again! How on earth is she going to support this kid. The one she has is a spoilt brat. Like anon 12:32 said, has no one on that street ever heard of birth control? I also liked Michael with Gail can't stand him with Eileen they have no chemistry at all incredibly boring.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm not quite sure why Tim's in the cab office, but I don't care. I'm looking forward to Derek Griffiths's arrival and there could be some good comedy between those two. I thought Audrey's line was brilliant - thank God for Audrey, the only saving grace in the Platt family. Why don't the writers realise that Eileen needs a big, chunky man with the same physique as Dennis. This is not real life where opposites attract; on tv, putting Eileen with anyone she looms over looks wrong. Billy, keep your nose out and Sarah needs locking up for her own good. Any chance that her pregnancy is a false alarm ... ?

Newfy Pearl said...

Continuity missed again writers....quickest way to David's heart regarding Sarah's baby.....remember how he felt when Gail encouraged Tina to abort his baby!
also I agree...Michael with Eileen is ridiculous. he was bearable with Gail. they were good to watch. I did not buy how accepting Gail was in the street when Eileen was bragging about Michael to Gail....sheesh...he is still her husband. No way would Gail not seethe at them traipsing around as a couple like they do.
Loved the brief scene with Nick and Sarah.

Anonymous said...

How can Vicar Billy, educated and mature make such a social faux pas and gross error in judgment by going over and disrupt a serious family discussion/argument? How is it that Shawn is a better judge of the social situation? Ridiculous. I realize it's done for dramatic effect but it comes off as ridiculous and unbelievable. We could have had Sarah abruptly leave the table to go outside and the rest of the family remain seated while they contemplate the situation for a moment. Then Billy, seeing that none of the family goes after her and thinking that perhaps Sarah might do something stupid leaves his table to find her. Sarah is standing outside the bistro and crying/in distress and as Billy stoops over to help her up, the rest of the Platt family arrives outside to find an "outsider" interfering and THEN proceeds to admonish him for his interference. That way, a vicar is attempting to do his duty to help out but then doesn't inadvertently make a show of himself inside a restaurant full of patrons.

CP from Canada

Tvor said...

I agree. This time, Billy was in error, should have kept his nose out unless asked to intervene.
I like MIchael and Gail as a couple, too. I really wish they'd get back together.

Cobblestone said...

I enjoyed the rare glimpse into Andy's childhood; his florist mum making him scavenge for driftwood every holiday.

Cobblestone said...

I absolutely agree. He had a function amid the Platt chaos. He looks more like Eileen's lunch than her partner. And he's nothing but irascible in every scene with her, whereas there was a lightness of touch when he was with Gail. He's even learned to hold his liquor since crossing the Street - no more getting fiddly after a couple of pints. I'm getting very impatient with the writers not returning him to his wife!
And what's the betting he's going back inside for burgling Dee? That gives him his out to do his play - and just might remind him who supported him, forgave him and got him a job, all in the teeth of her family's opposition, the last time he got out!

Zagg said...

I find the writer's constant portrayal of all the women on the street being too stupid to manage proper birth control, extremely annoying and really degrading. I mean this is number three for Sarah. Get real writers. It is 2015.

Anonymous said...

abbyk,I agree with you and also wish that Sarah would have a miscarriage thus hopefully ending the Callum drama for good.
Since it is her third preganancy,I also thought it was ridiculous that Sarah didn't realise before now that she was pregnant?!Since Callum was a drug dealer and possible user,it would've been interesting and made more sense if Sarah contracted HIV.
As for David,after being falsely accused again by Kylie of killing a member of his family,this time pushing a drunken Sarah in front of Tim's car,I don't blame him for leaving Kylie as both she and Sarah share the responsibility for this mess as Kylie was the one who sought out Calllum for drugs because she couldn't deal with Max having ADHD.

Newfy Pearl said...

I wonder if the writers are being tongue in cheek regarding Billy hovering over Sarah like a 'guardian angel' - wasn't her baby that died named Billy? Coincidence? lol
Also I think that Kylie should thank David for protecting her, there is no way the police would consider it self defense with all that was going on with Callum and the Platts at the time. And I would like to see Sarah break down and cry and thank Kylie for saving her life!


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