Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Haunting of Elsie Howard

We've been alerted to this little gem by a Coronation Street fan on twitter.  The Youtube description says it's an unseen Halloween special called The Haunting of Elsie Howard.  Or is it a very clever edit? You decide!

Either way, I absolutely adore the way Elsie's hair is in perfect condition, with not a hair out of place, when she's woken in the middle of the night by scary noises. Fans of Suzie Birchall and a young Gail Potter might be interested to watch the short scene below, too.

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Jordan Lloyd Beck said...

This is fantastic! Haha
Elsie is without doubt my favourite original Corrie character.

Anonymous said...

"The Youtube description says it's an unseen Halloween special called The Haunting of Elsie Howard. Or is it a very clever edit? You decide!"

Biggest load of crap I've ever seen is what I'd call it.

bbhilda said...

Definitely an edit. I vaguely remember that storyline of someone up there, but I don't remember who. Remember, the attics were communal back then, and it was possible to go house to house from attic to attic. If I remember correctly though, the noises were just footsteps, and there was no music, especially not over the credits. I should look it up to see if there is record somewhere of who it was.

bbhilda said...

OK I found it. It took place in 1978 and the original noise was caused by a pigeon that had gone in through a hole in the Ogdens' roof. Suzy went up there to try to catch it, lost her balance and her foot went through the Ogdens' ceiling. Hilda grabbed her shoe as evidence and, recognizing it as one of Suzie's, climbed into the loft and stuck her broom handle through Elsie's ceiling. Elsie & Hilda embarked on a tit-for-tat vendetta, playing loud music, beating dirty carpets over washing, tipping rubbish over walls and making life miserable for each other. Eventually they agreed to go to a small claims court. After listening to both sides, the arbitrator suggested they paid for their own repairs. Elsie was happy with the outcome as Len Fairclough had already told her he would charge Hilda twice as much as he would her for the repairs.
Source: 40 Years of Coronation St - Daran Little

Cobblestone said...

I remember this storyline. The Ogden/Tanner feud stands vividly in my childhood memories of Corrie, especially Hilda sticking her broom through the ceiling. I remember recalling it years later when Ken Barlow fell through the ceiling and ended up in bed with Leanne & Nick.

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