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Monday 23 November 2015

Eileen Derbyshire taking break from Corrie

The Sun today have a story that says Eileen Derbyshire, who plays Emily Bishop, is taking a break from the soap.

We have no idea if this is true or not, so take it with a pinch of salt until or if ITV confirm this story. 

The Sun say that Eileen Derbyshire will leave early in the New Year for six months. Mr Curry Sauce tells The Sun that she may not return.

Eileen Derbyshire, 84, is the longest-running female cast member on Coronation Street and has been in Corrie since 1961.

Other cast members leaving or taking a break include Alison King (Carla Connor), David Neilson (Roy Cropper), Les Dennis (Michael Rodwell) and Brooke Vincent (Sophie Webster).  Read about that all here.

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Tvor said...

If it's true, I hope everything is all right with her, health wise. It probably only accounts for about 4 or 5 appearances anyway. We hardly see her.

Llifon said...

As Emily is only a part-time character her absence won't be felt, not the same as when William Roache or Barbara Knox were absent. But everytime she does appear it's a joy.

I hope Eileen Derbyshire is ok.

Anonymous said...

Would be sad to see her go.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I also hope she's OK. I won't miss Emily as we rarely see her but it's still sad to see an oldie leave. There will be quite a few departures within the next five years. How long can Ken and Rita go on? Hopefully, the writers are forward planning with this in mind. I would love to see Peter Barlow back long term but I doubt Chris Gascoyne would want to do it. If it came to it, I'd be happy to see this significant character return with a different head. The Barlows are the last link with the past and Tracy and Amy won't fill Ken's gap. All the best to Eileen Derbyshire.

Anonymous said...

I certainly WILL miss Emily, and wish Eileen Derbyshire all the best. Must say, though, in response to Humpty, that I would NOT like to see Peter Barlow return with a different head, as Chris Gascoyne has really brought depth to this character in a way that few actors are able.

Louby said...

That's a lovely picture of her. I love to see her in the Rovers with the others. I hope she gets a good exit storyline. If they could bring Spider back for a stint that would be great.

Anonymous said...

In a way I'm not surprised that Emily is leaving but I'm sure she will be missed by Norris.
It's sad to see an iconic character like Emily leave while the Platts and the constant influx of Connors take over episodes.

Anonymous said...

Good for her..time to stop and smell the roses..I love this character.

Anonymous said...

I had hoped she'd secretly retired and that was the reason for her long absence from our screen. The lady is well deserved to take a break and I hope she enjoys it fully, never looking back at the show that's all but forgotten her in their scripts.

Anonymous said...

Eileen is the age of my beloved Mum and I sincerely hope she is well. The dear woman deserves to retire.


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