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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Coronation Street Weds 4th November episode review

Hello! It is, of course, Jordan here with yet another Wednesday review.

A joyous scene in The Kabin flavoured with the musical talent of Rita, Norris and in particular, Mary, opened tonight's episode. It's Sophie's 21st birthday and she is showered with affection by the newsagents who have watched her grow up. As a very generous, and very fitting birthday present, Kevin gives her 21% of the business. It seems as though Sophie is finally busting out of the corner shop and it's about time too! I've always felt that Sophie has a lot more to give than just serving in a corner shop.  Happy 21st birthday, St Sophie!
"Why does it say 21%?"
"Because that's what I'm giving you. 21%"

Continuing in the light-hearted theme of tonight's episode involved the hapless Steve and his equally hapless tiles. The wall in the ladies' loos at the pub needs retiling, so the loveable clown decided to have a go. Everything seemed to be going well until Michelle's scepticism was proved right and the tiles promptly fell off the wall. Hardly surprising, after he was nonchalant about following the advice on an instruction video. As Michelle and Liz giggled, the embarrassed workman blamed his tools. This seemed  a frivolous story, but nonetheless, very enjoyable and definitely a highlight of the episode. The little comic moments are what makes Corrie so loveable. I also love the comic relationship Steve and Michelle have. They strike me as a modern Jack and Vera or Hilda and Stan. They are the sort of cookie-cutter Corrie couple, in which the woman has the last laugh.

"It's not just about having a crack, oh ye of little faith"
"Zero faith, Steve after watching you wallpaper, build shelves and...unblock the sink"
"Oh yeah, that smell hung around for weeks..."

This week's explosive dramatic story this week continued tonight. Alya takes drastic action and decides to move out. This shocks her grandparents into forging some kind of understanding. However, the peace is short-lived as Anna bursts into their house, armed with a hate-fuelled rant for the girl who was due to be her daughter-in-law. Anna's anger is somewhat justifiable, as she received a phone call from Gary telling her he has suddenly jetted off to Hamburg to see his dad. However, everyone else has been harshly against Alya and only because of the of religious morals. She hasn't technically done anything wrong. She hasn't broken the law. There is one thing bothering me about this storyline though. I am sure that at the time Alya slept with Jason, she and Gary had separated briefly. Am I wrong or have the writers conveniently forgotten this detail in order to fuel more dramatic conflict?

"This is ridiculous. You can't run away"
"I can't stay here in this awful atmosphere"
"Walking away from us is not the solution"
"Put your bags down"

Tieing in nicely with the aforementioned tiling storyline, Tony and Liz cross paths again thanks to Steve's incompetence. Tony clears his diary in order to re-retile the ladies' loos. This inevitably means a talk. Tony, of course, tries to worm his way back in with small talks and jokes about cheap perfume (of which, Liz claims to have no knowledge of). He is desperate for a second chance, but typically, Liz is having none of it. Steve watches in disbelief as Liz gives him a free pint and sits with him. He firmly tells his mother to make sure Tony doesn't wheedle his way back in, and quite rightly.

"I don't give second chances"
"But if you ever change your mind..."
"Just go, Tony"

Elsewhere, Ken is starting to become the ladies man once again, still getting the attention of Audrey and now Nessa. We also saw a little more of Rita tonight, which is always a treat. She has received the divorce papers from Dennis and laments to Audrey, who is looking rather envious of Nessa, who is enjoying a drink with Ken.  It's a shame; Rita Tanner has such a nice ring to it. I wonder which surname she will revert back to.

"Dennis and me should never have got married. But this...this is telling me in black and white that I'm on my own"
"Join the club"

A rather good episode tonight- light-hearted and merry, with some more dramatic undertones with the stories of the Nazirs and Liz and Tony. There was also a welcome break from the Connfusing Conngregation of Connors. (should I drop that joke now?)

Thanks for reading!

Until next week.

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abbyk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
OvenMaster said...

"...everyone else has been harshly against Alya and only because of the of religious morals. She hasn't technically done anything wrong. She hasn't broken the law."

Au contraire, yes, she has. According to her upbringing and her religion, she has ignored the morals she was taught, she has done something wrong, and she has broken Islamic law.

Tvor said...

On the other hand, Alya finished with Gary, went out that night and had sex with Jason and then got back together with Gary the next day, so it was more of a row than a break up. Anna screamed about Gary needing his family around him now. Um.. he's with his father. You know. family. She doesn't have to be such a vicious cow about it but then that's pretty typical of Anna.

I think that when Tony spoke with Liz and she calmly revealed how she felt, perhaps it really was the first time that it truly made him realize just how much he really did hurt her.

Anonymous said...

I miss Dennis Tanner. The character was treated abominably!

Tvor said...

Something else I really liked, Rita, Norris and Mary singing to Sophie. Wonderful! Even crabby old Norris sang, what a shock! lol

Anonymous said...

I had the best laugh when the tiles fell off the wall all at once. I don't know how they managed that, but it was a great scene and had me chuckling all evening. More please.

C in Canada said...

Regarding Saawphie, doesn't she owe her father tens of thousands that she lost when she was scammed? Or has the show conveniently forgotten that? I never heard it mentioned again.

Anonymous said...

Along with the welcome break from the Connors,there was also a welcome break from the Platts too!The writers finally remembered there are other residents on the Street who are not named Platt1I also liked the brief return of gentle humor which has also gone amiss lately.

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