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Monday, 9 November 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 9 Nov 2015

Kylie, directly after the murder, was able, at least publicly, to keep up appearances and it was Sarah who was showing the outward manifestations of guilt. Though cobbles dwellers were not aware exactly what was troubling Sarah, including over-zealous Billy and reasonably sympathetic Michelle, it was clear that something was wrong.

Now though, it is Kylie whose guilt is affecting her. Marion’s visit worsened matters for Kylie and perhaps, as a mother herself, she could identify with the pain of another, a mother who has no idea what has happened to her child. Gail’s good grace with Marion, inviting her in and showing her kindness and respect, could also be a contributory factor here too, accentuating the real gravity of taking someone’s life. Whatever the case, David feels he must step in.

On the day of Gail’s party, when according to Kylie, they will ‘literally be dancing on his (Callum’s) grave,’ to celebrate her new annexe, she overhears Kylie and David mention prison. David is explaining that she must keep on trying to live her life, rather than obsessing about Callum’s murder. Quick-thinking David tells his mother that Kylie is back on the drugs and he is mentioning prison as a deterrent.

Gail has unwittingly made a comment about death, one about how well she slept and how those in the cemetery wouldn’t have slept as well as she did. She also says that Kylie and David should get rid of that smell. This visibly panics Kylie, who is massively relieved when Gail tells her it is the smell of the air freshener, she wants rid of, which Kylie had sprayed when, earlier, when she had moved Gail’s bed believing that she could smell Callum’s rotting corpse. Gail had also remarked that her party would ‘knock ‘em dead.’

Mary is appalled to see Dev showing off to Erica. He is demonstrating the splendours of the pricing gun and is about to place a chocolate bar on his head – none other than a Bounty, for a desperately unfunny joke. ‘Dev don’t!’ orders Mary, having already noticed he is wearing his 2nd best shirt. Mary is right to stop him, as he does seem to be behaving as if he’s 12.

Later in the pub, Erica is with Eileen and Michael, and she is looking very fed up after the ‘shop girl’ title. Dev comes in and joins them. Eileen is certain that Dev will be after Erica, but Erica is off men and Dev claims that he has had enough of women, which means that they will get together of course. Eileen certainly thinks so, pointing out that Erica will be there, in the shop with Dev every day.

From the possible beginning of one romance to another- Nessa and Ken. His pale blue cashmere mix jumper wasn’t too bad, but maybe Tracy loathes it as it is a gift from Nessa, who is pawing Ken, to Tracy’s disgust, when she arrives home with Robert. Tracy shows no finesse whatsoever, for the woman who felt ‘from the moment (she) met him, (Ken) there was a certain electricity.’

‘Look at the state of her! She’s not in mam’s league! Hearse chasing old slapper.’

Ken decides to consult Rita, entering the Kabin for wine gums, which Ken has never bought before. Rita confessed that she was a little surprised at the speed of Ken’s and Nessa’s relationship. Maybe though, that is because she is on Audrey’s side – didn’t she advise Audrey to go and tell Ken how she felt? There wasn’t much reticence then. Clearly though, Emily thinks it is too soon for Ken after Deirdre. ‘Everyone’s experience of bereavement is different – certainly yours and mine.’

Ken confides in Robert. Ken tells him that ‘Tracy can hold a grudge bigger than an aircraft hangar.’ Ken feels that his past is not blameless so maybe it is guilt that makes Ken wary of a new relationship. Robert is becoming Ken’s number 1 fan, listening and advising. Tracy though is just not having it. ‘He’s turned his back on her grave, washed the soil from his hands and grabbed the first old trollop who’ll have him.’

But. Ken is in the winter of his life. Deirdre is dead. As he says, she is in his heart. ‘I’ve a right to live the life that I choose.’  Your shout Ken.

Steve has gone to see Andy in Spain, so furious he is that Tony has been hanging around and doing the tiling. Liz seems to find Tony irresistible, despite all his deceit, and he is doing his best to persuade her to at least conduct a secret relationship. She tells him she can’t, but not before the cobbles’ resident violin player, Amy Barlow, spots her grandmother, Liz, in a clinch with Tony. Amy, who lives with the best teacher of deviousness, her own mother, will no doubt spill those beans as an when she can most profit.

Ruth Owen

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Llifon said...

Great eps tonight, especially the Ken storyline. I accept Ken and Nessa more than Ken and Audrey. We'll see where it goes!

And great to see Sally and Tim back!

Corrie humour at its best!

Pippa Dee said...

Yes, agreed, great to see Sally and Tim back, they have been missed.

Kylie is getting on my nerves now, the way she looks at and speaks to David, all he's done is clear up the mess that she made.

Anonymous said...

Didn't emily almost get remarried with Arnold Swain not long after her husband Ernest's murder? the only way that was stoррed was he was found out to be a bigamist! She really has no room to judge Ken

Humpty Dumpty said...

As long as they keep Nessa as a 'normal' person without a malicious agenda, then I might grow to like her and Ken as a couple. It's too soon after Deirdre's death, but that seems to be part of the storyline. I don't want Nessa to be a money-grabbing, homeless woman on the look-out for an easy touch. Ken doesn't have any money but he does have a house. I really wouldn't like it if she moved in. But then, maybe that, too, would be part of a provocative storyline.

Tim and Sally - a joy always to watch.

Cobblestone said...

Anonymous @ 06:52: Emily DID marry Arnold Swain in 1980, but it was 2 years after Ernest's death. Two years as opposed to less than 6 months is rather different. It does seem Ken is moving with indecent haste, but at his age he can't hang around. What amuses me is the idea that Diedre would have wanted him to be happy with another woman. I'm not sure she would. I can imagine her sceptically observing: "Well, it never stopped you when I was alive, so why should my being dead make any difference?"

Tvor said...

It isn't even the fact that Ken has found someone with whom to move on so soon after Deirdre died that bothers me. What bothers me is that, even knowing Ken was grieving and it only being a few months after losing his wife, Nessa has pulled out all the stops and has been relentlessly pursuing him romantically instead of making friends first and seeing where it might end up in time. I can't fault Tracy for being upset and her calling Nessa a "hearse chasing trollop" has a ring of truth. Cathy has implied that her sister will go after any man with a pulse and it seems to be true. I don't think she's a gold digger, though. She sees "single" as a challenge and "recently bereaved" even more of one.

ruth owen said...

Cobblestone, that was a brilliant line - 'it didn't stop you when I was alive...' I would have loved to hear Deirdre say that.

abbyk said...

All that, esp Cobblestone ' s point of taking it slowly, AND why does Tracy get to behave like a 10 year old in Ken ' s house? She has a business, Robert has a decent job, surely they can afford to share a small flat. Anna does on her own. Steph does with a roommate. Once because you're shocked and upset, okay, maybe. Twice in the same day, no, not acceptable, and neither is stomping off to your room. Kick her out, Ken. FWIW, I thought his sweater was fine. Not earth shattering, but fine.

Diane said...

I sorta felt bad for Tracy...
I know when my own mother passed, I wouldve been devastated to come home months later and see a new woman with my father and to see that he had moved on so quick. I think they wrote her all wrong in that scene. Instead of coming home and yelling and insulting, she should've gone the "how could you?"/sad route.
Even though life does move on there's this certain sorta dead feeling the first year we felt after losing my mother where we were reminded of her loss at every "first"... first birthday without her, first Christmas, first family dinner. Its not something I would want to share with some random new woman who was trying to get her feet under my fathers table.

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