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Monday, 5 October 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 5 October 2015

As a keen fan of all things Connor related, it is good to welcome two more Connors to the cobbles. As ever, the truth will out and so we discover that the money that Aidan’s father put into his son’s bank account was really a tax dodge.  His father is furious that Aidan, without his permission, has invested it into the factory. Johnny wants his money back. Carla explains that she can’t do that because, effectively, it is Aidan’s money which is currently keeping the factory afloat.

So, now we know, as does Carla, exactly where the cash has come from for Aidan to have gained the wherewithal to be able buy into Underworld. Carla is irritated by him today as she takes on a tricky customer and Aidan appears to be doing very little to help while Carla is doing her best to secure a contract with the woman who is out power walking to test the bounceability of the prototype comfort bra.

With the appearance of Aidan’s dad, and his sister Kate, Carla is shocked to discover the source of Aidan’s money.  Johnny himself has no money because he has been cleaned out by a girlfriend. He wants though, to have money to give his daughter a good wedding.

Carla is not happy and tells Aidan so, quite clearly.  ‘I’m not a silly cow with cheap hair extensions you think you can win round with a bit of sweet talking.’ She then adds, ‘All I see is a cheat and a liar.’ 

You would have to have a heart made of granite not to feel for Yasmeen, who, in her grief, is driven to seek justice for her son Kal’s murder. Sharif attempts to dissuade her, to encourage her to put her focus onto Zeedan and Alya. Though rationally, Yasmeen may appreciate the sense in this, her character is such that she may well continue to pursue the prosecution of Tracy.  She says that, ‘Tracy Barlow has ripped the heart out of this family and you want to do nothing?’ Yasmeen is fiery and passionate but Sharif is of a calmer disposition, therefore, not taking away from him any of the love he felt for his son, he seems more inclined to leave the past in the past, aware of how futile it might prove to pursue a prosecution.

Later though, Yasmeen has had a change of heart. She tells her family that she believes Tracy will be punished for what she has done, with or without her own involvement. She realizes that, ‘Kal would want me to put you first. My family is my priority.’

The strain tells on Tyrone’s face.  He’s up very early to catch up with work and writes a note for Fiz. That’s all good except that Kevin finds Tyrone snoring at work. Hope has to have another scan and as Tyrone says, it is the waiting for the result that is so hard.

No! Please don’t say it’s over between Sally and Tim. That would be unbearable and all the more so if they were to continue on the cobbles, apart and looking lost. As ‘Going to the Chapel of Love’ plays, Sally seems to be locked into the belief that Tim, the man she loves and who loves her, will turn up. Sophie questions her mum, assuming that Tim must have been round and a reconciliation taken place. Learning that it hasn’t, Sophie points out, ‘You can’t carry on as if nothing has happened.’

Kevin tries to make Tim see sense - Kevin is putting fires out everywhere tonight. He is doing his best to support Tyrone, offering him time off and showing understanding about the plight Fiz and Tyrone find themselves in. He is also doing his best to get Tim to swallow his pride and to go and marry Sally.

In Audrey’s salon, Sally is talking quite happily and tells Audrey that there is a fine line between ‘optimum hydration and bloating.’ Audrey listens politely and dares to say, ‘I don’t mean to be rude but everybody’s saying that the wedding is off.’

Sally looks stunning as do Rita, Faye and Sophie. The play list of love songs grinds on as Sally fusses over silver or gold dragees for the guests. As Sophie mentions, there is something strange about Sally, which is accentuated further as she stands in the Bistro, giving Tim ‘another twenty minutes.’ Rita is told off for her pitying looks at Sally, but nevertheless speaks out. ‘Sally love, you’ve got to stop this. You know yourself that you’re on a hiding to nothing.’

Finally, Tim turns up – Craig and Kevin in tow. It must have been Craig’s ‘I’ve lost my woman. I know how it feels. It hurts like hell’ speech that did the trick.

So Tim and Sally are married. He tries to carry her over the threshold, then does his back in, dumps Sally onto the ground unceremoniously, then they both hobble off into the house.

 And Caitlin had a valid excuse all along, which comes as a massive relief to Craig and to viewers. Beth is clearly pleased that her son is happy. What strikes me as odd though, is that young people are so internet savvy that surely via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other methods I know nothing about, they would have been able to get in touch somehow. Beth is suitably encouraging about her son’s teenage romance.

Beth brings hope to all who wish to shed a few pounds,  ‘If you break biscuits into tiny pieces, the calories will fall out.’ That would put paid to the diet industry! Beth knows it’s not true and so do we.

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Tvor said...

Yep, Caitlyn's excuse about taking her father to A&E kind of fell flat. Why couldn't she have texted Craig that? Never mind.

I loved the wedding faff, and i don't mind admitting i had a tear in my eye when they said their vows and got married. Loved Tim handing Sally some handy reading glasses knowing why she hesitated. (they must have been in her handbag sitting there while they were doing their vows I guess. I'll have to watch it again, they seemed to appear out of nowhere).

It's going to be strange that she's not Sally Webster anymore, though.

Too soon to tell if i like Johnny and Kate. I expect they'll be full on for a bit and then settle in. Johnny might be cut from the same cloth Mike Baldwin was but I hope he's not a carbon copy. Carla still has the majority share, I hope she stands up to him when she has to. Not so good to have a potential tax dodger as a partner!

Cobblestone said...

I'm loving how Craig has really come into his own. His occasional little quietly assertive speeches indicate he's growing up, and with a wiser head on his shoulders than most youngsters, drawn from his childhood of listening and observing on the sidelines as a bit of an outsider. Combined with Tim, we could be looking at the new Steve & Lloyd odd-couple friendship, made all the more interesting by the intergenerational aspect.
And I'm so happy for the happy couple. Those two belong together & TPTB know it! I laughed out loud when Tim dropped Sally in the front garden! Great episodes.

Charles said...

I really loved the episode, I think it's brilliant that the show's producers know they've got something amazing on their hands with Sally and Tim (and Craig and Tim!)

If Johnny proves to be half the character Mike Baldwin was, I'll be impressed.

In future, it'd perhaps be nice if the reviews showed a bit more analysis, rather than just summarising what happened in the episode. I'd love to hear more of the reviewer's thoughts, and although the catch-up is good for overseas fans, I imagine most of us will just have seen the episode when we read the review.

OvenMaster said...

I really have to admit that I thought Sally looked absolutely incredible.

Anonymous said...

truly tonight's episode is a shining star for 2015 - along with the exit party for Lloyd - the other episodes in my mind just meld into each other - same old, same old, but tonight's episode was stellar. I would have loved it even more if they had kept the Connor clan out of it. Why not just have an evening of an all unusual happy wedding on the street. Sally, Tim & Craig are pure gold together. Long may they reign.

Anonymous said...

Why do all the Corrie women change their names when they marry?

Tvor said...

Why not? And then there's Carla who changes her name and keeps going back to her first married name instead of Donovan!

AlbertT said...

On first impressions I liked the look of Johnny, think he could be the rough diamond the show's been lacking for so long. But I can't quite get as to why he speaks with such a broad Mancunian accent when he is, presumably, the brother of the very Irish-sounding Barry Connor, though physically both he, Kate and Aiden do look as if they could be related to all the other Connors.

Cobblestone said...

I suspect, Tvor, that Carla never much liked being Carla Donovan, who by all accounts was a scruffy little brawler who was dragged up by her negligent mother. When she married Paul Connor she reinvented herself; became someone. I think that's why she always reverts to Carla Connor, as that's the persona she identifies with.

Tamara Press said...

What ever happened to the Alya pregnancy storyline?

Anonymous said...

She wasn't pregnant. Negative test result. End of storyline

Anonymous said...

The women on Corrie should never change their names, perhaps this is the cause of so many broken relationships. Test drive it before you buy it, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Was Leanne ever Leanne Barlow?

Clinkers (David) said...

Yes she was. Also notice how Michelle is still a Connor, even though she is married to Steve!

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