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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Marilyn Monroe to Nora Batty

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Kevin takes Jenny Bradley to the Rovers for a drink. In the blue corner we have Jenny and in the big red corner, with a face like thunder, is Rita with her posse of Norris, Mary and Emily, who have come into the ring, I mean the Rovers, for a fight, I mean a birthday drink for Rita.  Rita stares at Jenny. Jenny stares at Rita. Ding-ding, seconds out. Round two. “Happy Birthday, Rita!” smiles Jenny, but she’s going to have to do better than that, Rita’s less than impressed, in fact she’s incensed to see Jenny Bradley back in her life and wonders what she’s come back for.  

Streetcars has its full complement of staff as Lloyd returns and Fat Brenda’s joined a choir. Cockney Paul’s joined the team as a new driver, but as yet remains unseen.  Perhaps he’s singing from Fat Brenda’s song sheet and staying well out of the way. I wouldn’t blame them, for things are far from harmonious in the cab office with Lloyd blaming Steve for the mini-bus crash and being less than understanding about Steve’s depression.

Tony and Tracy are almost caught out, twice, this week. Tony’s almost caught not so much with his pants down, but with his pants and a matching vest on when Ken and Amy return to the Barlows where Tracy is upstairs playing tapes to Tony in her room.  She bundles Tony into the out-house in the yard and she gets away with her shenanigans, this time.  Meanwhile Liz dolls herself up for a night with Tony to a Queen concert. As Liz is slapping on the slap, Tracy and Tony drive off  in the van to pick up stolen goods for the shop. They’re stopped by the cops on their return, making them late back and Tony leaves Tracy to unload the boxes into the shop on her own. There’s one box that she hasn’t got space for and brings it into the Rovers back room just as Liz storms in to find out what’s going on. Liz doesn’t like the cosy scene she encounters in the back room – Tony! With Tracy! Looking shifty! And a mystery box!.  Tony comes clean to Liz about the stolen goods but stays schtum about Tracy. Liz isn’t daft though, she knows summat’s going on and bars Tracy from the pub.

“Jason, we’re over,” says Eva as she leaves the Street and flies off to France to stay with her gran. Jason’s bereft, for a bit, until a bacon barm from his mam cheers him up, soft floury baps being the language Jason understands.  Todd takes his brother for a pint to console him. “You’re going to drink that girl right out of your hair,” Todd tells him, pretending to care, while cutting off Eva’s call to Jason’s phone while Jason’s at the bar.

With Eva gone, the Rovers needs a new barmaid and Eileen steps into the breach. She’s not the greatest barmaid the world has ever seen. In fact she’s terrible, but she’s so bad she’s great. Liz gives her new barmaid some advice. “Do summat wi’ yer hair, and whatever you do, don’t be yerself.” Steve tells his mum: “That woman is guilty of hideous crimes against beer,” and Liz quickly regrets taking her on. When Todd comes in and finds his mum replacing Eva as the new barmaid he says: “It’s like they’ve lost Marilyn Monroe and found Nora Batty!”

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Fat Brenda, I really need a cream horn with my morning coffee. Please, skip the choir and pick up your pen. We miss you. X

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