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Monday 23 March 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 23 March

GAIL’S CAUGHT BETWEEN A CORPSE AND A HARD PLACE. Dressed in black for Gavin’s funeral, Gail promises to meet David at the mediation. At the funeral Gail and Andy pretend not to know each other. Gail hurries from the graveside hoping to make a quick exit but Barbara intercepts, insisting she attends the wake to speak to Gavin’s mother, Michael’s ex-wife. Gail’s horrified as Susan expresses a heartfelt wish to meet Michael and bury the hatchet, and tell him all about the years of Gavin’s life that he missed. Meanwhile David’s on edge when Gail fails to show at the mediation. With his mum in tow Callum relishes David’s anxiety. The session underway David’s temper gets the better of him as Callum paints a grim picture of Max’s life with the Platts, labelling Kylie a junkie. As incredulous David hurls insults at him in front of the mediator, will he play right into a smug Callum’s hands?
AN UNWELCOME LETTER CASTS A SHADOW OVER MICHELLE. While having a clear-out at the pub, Michelle finds some unopened letters. Steve is riding high after completing his first airport run in ages but Michelle looks on troubled, revealing to Liz that Steve owes £10,700 in unpaid tax after ignoring months’ worth of letters. Worried about setting back his recovery, will Michelle broach it with Steve?
KEVIN TAKES MATTERS INTO HIS OWN HANDS. Kevin meets Jenny for lunch in the café and is stunned when she finishes with him. Jenny tells Kevin their relationship is doomed as Rita, Sally et al will never accept them. But will Kevin take no for an answer?
ELSEWHERE Craig tries to get Faye to reconsider giving birth in secret without professionals on hand, will she have a change of heart? Explaining how unhappy she is with Sarah in Milan, can Bethany convince Gail to let her stay in Weatherfield?

GAIL FEARS SHE’S MADE A GRAVE ERROR. Flustered Gail tells Susan that the stress of meeting her would be too much for Michael’s heart. Susan’s disappointed and Gail feels awful for lying. David confronts Gail when she returns home and furiously accuses her of letting him down. Gail’s lost for words as he demands a reason for her absence, so Andy lies that he had a suspected heart scare and Gail took him to hospital. David’s mollified and agrees not to tell Michael so as not to worry him. But when Michael arrives back will he sense the tension after Gail’s day from hell?
STEVE FACES A TAXING DILEMMA. Liz checks with the tax office and confirms that the bill is correct. Michelle breaks the news to Steve. Mortified, he admits he hid them away at the height of his problems and forgot about them. Michelle’s worried when guilt-ridden Steve promises to fix things.
THERE’S A SLIGHT THAW BETWEEN RITA AND JENNY. Kevin implores Rita to give him and Jenny her blessing, or he risks losing her. Not wanting to ruin his chance of happiness, Rita magnanimously wishes him well. As Jenny plays with Jack at No.13, Kevin begs her not to give up on them. Jenny’s gaze drawn to Jack, will she back down?
ELSEWHERE Craig presents Faye with a pregnancy book and orders her to make some firm decisions about the birth. When Anna tackles her about her low mood, will Faye open up to her mum? Bethany tries to butter up Gail into letting her stay.

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Anonymous said...

Makes no sense that Gail would attend Gavin's funeral. Except as a contrived plot device.

Frosty the Snowman said...

What Frosty cannot understand that if auntie and realGavin lived so close that there was no contact before in the past 3 decades? Its all too contrived as was auntie suddenly turning up at Gail's house, how did she even know where she lived?

Also why everyone seems to hate Jennybradley? Only Rita had a reason to do so that was also 3 decades ago? The others wouldnt know her at all.

Zagg said...

Gail attending Gavin's funeral is absurd. There was no reason for it and actually was just stupid. VERY poor writing on this story line. I am getting to the point of feeling insulted with some of these storylines. I feel like these writers just write this crap and think...whatever, they'll keep buying it and watching. This story from the get go was ill conceived and ridiculous. Now, its just out of control and making the actors look goofy.

Upintheattic said...

You said that perfectly Zagg. The whole story line has been ridiculous from the beginning, and now it is an insult to us fans. I find most of the story lines are equally ridiculous. Corrie is getting difficult to watch. To be honest, I watch on ITV, and by the time we are done fast forwarding through the "bad" parts, we are at the end of the episode.

Anonymous said...

Starting to get bored with the whole thing. Never thought it would happen

Tvor said...

When Michael was first trying to get in touch with his own father, he found a cousin whose mother was Auntie Barbara. She came to meet Michael and Gail in the Rovers to tell him about the heart condition, from which his father had died. That led to him tracking down RealGavin who, I believe, had grown up close to or knowing his Auntie/great Auntie. That's how she knew where Gail lived and knew that's how she could get hold of Michael when Gavin died.

Gail wasn't going to go to the funeral and if she'd been able to get Barbara out of the house and on her way on time, she never would have got caught up in it. But Michael came round the corner so Gail dragged AB back inside and ended up agreeing so that AB wouldn't try to track down Michael at the hospital where Gail said he was.

Yeah it's a bit absurd but that's part of why I like it. The Stape chronicles was the same. It just got more and more ludicrous until you were sure the writers were holed up in a snug with a bottle of something strong on the table dreaming up more and more wild twists and turns to throw in the mix.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else,only a week ago Gavin was blackmailing Gail for money otherwise he would tell his father the truth and now she's attending his funeral when her son David needs her support most!It was bad enough when Gail kept quiet about Kylie's and Nick's one night stand and now she's choosing a stranger and Michael over David?!

Anonymous said...

TVOR with all due respect (I love your blogs) I absolutely hated the Stape storyline. But I am a long time devoted Corrie fan so "I soldiered on". I just hope this Gavin storyline doesn't drag on and on.

Anonymous said...

Also hated the Staple nonsense. This nonsense with GAndy is just dragging even more painfully.


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