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Monday 16 March 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 16 March

Katy's mind is made up. She cannot take Joseph away from his dad, Chesney. She sees the two of them heading off out of the house and they look so content together. Now she must tell Linda that she will be going to Portugal alone. Clearly, Linda is disappointed, while Chesney is relieved. Katy though tells her dad Owen that she didn’t really have a choice. A depressed Katy waves her mother off, no doubt feeling she has just given up the chance of a lifetime.

That was bad but there’s more – Katy arrives at work only to be reminded that she has completely forgotten that she has her personal trainer exam. It’s too late.  So what else would she do but go to The Rovers and demand that Callum, the man who insulted her, now buys her drinks. He escorts her home when she has had too many. Katy then yells at him to leave her alone. Chesney just happens to witness this and stands up to Callum and tells him to vanish. Katy tells Chesney that he could have had his head kicked in.

Chesney then helps Katy into her flat. She has had a rubbish day, she tells him. He comforts her and she tells him that he is so nice. Is there a rekindling of something here? Beth phones because they are waiting for him to arrive at the hospital, as it is time for Sinead to try to stand on her own. They can’t wait, as there are other patients to see. Sinead is almost there but not quite. Maybe she needs Chesney’s presence to give her real determination to stand unaided.  

No, there is no rekindling, though Katy does say that it was her fault that they split. Later he calls in to see Katy to tell her that she must take up the opportunity to go to Portugal and to take Joseph. Chesney arrives at the hospital and Sinead is appalled that Joseph is going to Portugal. Owen doesn’t want her to go either, but we could expect that. Izzy tells him that he has no one to blame but himself. Harsh or fair?

 Andy does his best to be the perfect ‘son’ but Gail, who is very much in the know, fumes with anger at Andy, because she is now complicit in the deceit. Gail seems to think that as soon as Michael is well and strong enough, Andy must disappear from his ‘father’s’ life. Andy is bereft at this idea, and is surprised at just how upset he feels at no longer being part of Michael’s life.

To add to his miseries, Steph informs Andy that now Gavin is dead, there is no way that Andy can use his deceased former flat mate’s National Insurance number. Gail decides to use the computer in the Bistro to alter Gavin’s details but Michael turns up and he will surely ask questions. Gail though thinks quickly and claims that she did a couple of extra hours for which she has not been paid. Michael tells Leanne and Nick and Nick is really apologetic, as it was him who did the wages.

What an awful position to be in. Gail has to lie to her son, casting doubt on his abilities, making him wonder if he is making progress after the head injury. She is seething with Andy and Steph, but Steph offers to take over doing the accounts, which Nick gratefully accepts.

It feels as if things are getting easier for Leanne and Simon living at the Sharif household and Kal and Zeedan, (who actually smiled) recruit Simon in the egg trick. They tell Simon that the work is an undercover operation and top secret.  Sharif is no fool though, so discovery is on the cards. In fact he spots Simon with an egg box. Sharif asks, ‘Are you a lone operator or do you have accomplices?’

Sharif feigns a bad back and asks his son and grandson to read to the chickens as he is unable to bend down. Comical it is to see the two of them, Kal and Zeedan outside with the chickens. It then soon dawns on them that Sharif knows.  

Emily feels guilty, as she believes she may have caused a difficulty between Sean and Billy. Talking to Billy she tells him,  ‘It takes a lot more than a few cross words to shake my faith.’ She sets up a meeting between the two men at The Rovers, tells Billy to get over himself and that the two stubborn people should talk to each other. Nice work Emily – just hope they can sort it out.

It seems as if they can. What a shame it is that Billy cannot be openly gay and have a boyfriend. Maybe in time …

A butler auction(?!) is planned and a good old bring and buy. So Emily gets her way and so does Billy.

It seems as if mediation will go ahead, regarding custody of Max. Callum, who does seem serious in his bid to be a dad to Max and hasn’t yet got bored. David received a letter about the mediation last week. Callum brings Max the Manchester City away strip, which is not cheap. He explains that he wants his son to have what he didn’t have.

Callum, an irritating presence whenever he appears, suggests to Gail that his mum and Gail should have an arm wrestling competition to decide Max’s future. That just about sums up Callum.

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Anonymous said...

So Katy is blind to Callum's faults until she is on the receiving end and then the scales fall from her eyes? Stupid girl, common sense ditched for good looks. Ugh.

Unknown said...

well iv watched corrie for years now you see them come & go but when 1 does go it's so sad when there not a nasty villain but I always thought ches & katie where good together and also glad they haven't killed katie off maby she may come back �� iv no bad words to say about this so fairwel katie and enjoy your other life ��❤️xx

John McE said...

Julie wasn't the only one to have no idea what a "Butler auction" is. Could someone enlighten me... and Julie, of course :-)

knighsej said...

You auction off men to be at your beck and call for a few hours.

The men volunteer their time, the women pay to have a butler to attend to their needs cooking/cleaning/serving etc.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Absolutely unbelievable that Chesney would play the martry and let his son move abroad with people they dont really know when we all know he would soon move on especially when Katy meets a new bloke. The mawkishly sentimental scene at the end was ridiculous. Katy is a silly selfish little girl that demanded a baybay when she was still a schoolgirl. At one time this would be seen with shame not a badge of honour.

Tvor said...

So they can change Andy's National Insurance number through the payroll program and the instant there's any official communication about "Andy Carver" to the Bistro, they're going to know something is up. Isn't that how Hayley was outed to Mike Baldwin? He had something from the tax people for Harold Patterson with "Hayley's" details. So that's going to work for about 5 minutes.

John McE said...

But 5 minutes is what the producers assume is the average attention span of the viewers, so they expect to get away with it!

Anonymous said...

I am rapidly going off Sinead. Started with the way she behaved towards Roy a while back and now she just seems nasty.

Anonymous said...

I've never liked dull as dishwater Sinead. I hope she finds a cure that takes her far away from Weatherfield for many years. She can take Chesney with her.

Anonymous said...

I like Sinead. I think the actress is doing a much better job at being paralysed than Brooke Vincent did. Can't be all sweetness and light confined to a hospital bed with only Beth, Kirk, and Chesney to stimulate your brain... I wish they'd make more story out of her relationship with the guy in the wheelchair and the Hungarian nurse.

Anonymous said...

I thought Chesney giving his kid up to go and live on the other side of the world was completely out of character.

Laura said...

Chesney letting Katy take Joseph to a different country is completely unbelievable, especially considering his past and how abandoned and neglected he felt growing up. No way would he willingly opt out of daily contact with his son.

There should have been a custody battle. Maybe too much with the current Max situation, but far more believable than what we're currently being asked to swallow.

Kate said...

I really thought Katy was going to leave without Joseph and that Sinead and Chesney would raise him. Re Sinead: I do agree she's portraying the difficulties very well, it's just the whiny tone of her voice that's starting to get on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

In Chesney's defense,I don't think he really had a choice but to let Joseph go with his mother as he's more concerned about Sinead right now.I hope though that he keeps in touch with his son on Skype or e-mails and that Joseph isn't forgotten within a month or so.
Gail is an idiot!Richard Hillman stole from the Duckworths,Lewis stole from her and now she's committing fraud against her son to protect Michael from the truth about Andy?!This storyline is getting worse and worse!


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