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Tuesday 31 March 2015

Coronation Street: Owen's exit storyline revealed

Ian Puleston-Davies, who plays Owen Armstrong in Coronation Street, has been talking to Inside Soap magazine about filming his final scenes as Owen.

He talks about Faye's baby storyline and how the baby puts extra pressure between Anna and Owen.  Owen attacks Craig, who he thinks is Faye's baby's father and then Owen is carted off by the police and has to spend a night in the cells.

Owen is in the doghouse with Anna, but instead of begging for forgiveness from her, he suggests that the baby is put up for adoption.

As they row, Anna tells Owen she doesn't love him any more.

Ian says: "It adds extra poignancy when you realise you're doing this for the last time.  There's a collection of rows, and by the time they reach the big one, I think Anna and Owen are exhausted.  They part for circumstantial reasons, not because they've actually fallen out of love.

"Owen thinks they can work it out but Anna's not prepared to do that.  So maybe he'll go away and realise he could have done more..."

I wonder if when he goes away, he'll be on the first plane to Portugal?  And wouldn't this be a great time to bring Eddie Windass back?

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Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed to read yet another relationship is disintegrating through stressful situations piling up. Surely the character could be quietly sent away rather than apparently leaving after another domestic situation. Admitting that a relationship isn't working is a fact of life, Owen could be moving on to another town, not Portugal as suggested elsewhere, leaving the door open for a potential return eventually. The prospect of Eddie Windass returning is a red herring, that character was a complete loser and wouldn't add anything to Coronation Street.

Laura said...

I don't think bringing Eddie back would be a good idea. Their relationship ended because Anna wanted to adopt Faye and he didn't, so I can't imagine he'd be eager to come back now that Faye has brought another child into the mix.

Given how Owen and Anna have behaved in the past, it's believable to me that they would have a bitter fight and break up over it, and that Owen would take off in a huff. The only thing is, would he really leave Izzy behind, when he's so set on mending his relationship with her? Not to mention his grandson...

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well Frosty has said it before, he admires Ian P-S as an actor but has never warmed to Owen. A bully and a nasty piece of work that was never really redeemed. Now we have him as a grown man attacking 15 year old Craig, only to find out that he is wrong. Just sorry that he not taking Anna with him, her martrydom and annoying sing song voice - DAHLIN - will know no bounds now.

Tvor said...

I think it's entirely believable that the stress just becomes too much and breaks the relationship apart. I think the main crack happened when she slept with Phelan and it never truly recovered.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I've never liked Owen but you weren't meant to. I've never liked Anna but you definitely were meant to. She turned from nasty piece of work to martyr with a brief respite inbetween as earth mother. I know Anna has her fans on this site but her constantly wanting to solve problems with a hug and a fry up is beyond irritating. I hope we see the child protection teacher talking to Faye at school about possible outcomes. In the real world, the education welfare service and counselling staff at the school would be heavily involved.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT bring Eddie Windass back. Under any circumstances. He made my skin crawl.

bonnie said...

perhaps Anna should make a go of it with Fayes dad that would really get up stuck-up Sally's nose .. bring in some one who would bring Sally down a peg or 2

Milly said...

Bonnie, bite your tonge! No one, especially anna windASS can come between Tim and Sally. Can't a nice couple stay a nice couple? Sally's nose will be bent out of shape enough with the factory and millions of other little details in her life. Do not talk of messing around with the fact that Tim is decent and perfect for Sally.
But that's just my opinion.
Why does Anna need a man anyway? After her last few experiences, I should think she could use a break. I know we could use a break from her crazy roller coaster changes.
She should take some time and find out who she really is (haahah ha ha..a tough challenge given how many personality transplants she's had this past year alone.)
Another one who's face will get stuck like 'that' if she's not careful.

Anonymous said...

Laura,For what it's worth,Owen has tried to mend his relationship with Izzy who was left unaware that her mother was having an affair because of her daughter's handicap which I wished Izzy was told about to shut her up.Now of course she'll be whining her father is 'abandoning' her.
I don't like seeing Owen being the villan for his exit storyline,first going after Craig and then suggesting the baby being put up for adoption.which I think is the right thing to do.

Unknown said...

i am upset that he attacks Craig. i just love that kid and he has such a big heart. that will be hard to watch

vintgal003 said...

I will miss Owen...he and Anna made a great couple....IF he has to leave...then please bring back Eddie...he was great fun with his crazy hair!

njblas said...

I'd love to see Eddie back. He had the makings of a classic Street layabout and I could never understand why they axed him.

njblas said...

I'd love to see Eddie back on the Street. He had the makings of a classic Corrie 'layabout' character, and I never understood why he got axed.

Anonymous said...

TVOR - you hit the nail on the head! Well said.

Anonymous said...

If Anna can say to Owen that she doesn't love him any more, then she never really did.

If you truly love someone, that love would never die. No matter what.

Realist said...

Please do not bring the cartoonish Eddie Windass back.

It was only after he left that the character of Anna was able to emerge from his shadows into a fully fledged 3 dimensional Corrie character in her own right.

As for Ian P D" I'm sorry that he is leaving.

I've loved watching the trials and tribulations of the Armstrongs / Windasses and their offspring.

I just hope that once he's departed the cobbles, the writers do not allow the character of Anna to fade into the background.

That would be a waste of Debbie Rush's talent - one of Corrie's best actresses.

Laura said...

Anonymous 21:53, I understand Owen's tried mending things and Izzy's not relenting, but he did a pretty nasty thing. I don't care for the character of Izzy, but I don't blame her for remaining angry mere weeks after everything came to light. I'm sure over time the relationship could be repaired.

What I meant by my comment is that, knowing how Owen feels about his daughters, it seems strange that he would leave Izzy right now. Although maybe it'll be written as her telling him she "needs space" to heal.

bluegardenia said...

I just wish Corrie would stop going back in not bring Eddie Windass back...he and Anna did not make a good couple. The worst thing Corrie has done in quite some time is bring back Sarah Platt and her loathsome "child" Bethany!!! Talk about having to suspend your believability!!! Sarah and Cullum? Good grief...Cullum is a punk get rid of him. And Bethany...please she is ignorant, slutty and totally unbelievable as "Bethany". She looks older than Sarah for heavens sake and their is NOTHING redeemable about this storyline. I'm so fed up with Corrie what is wrong with these writers? They surely must think their audience is stupid and gullible.


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