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Monday 30 March 2015

Sarah Louise Platt - a quick re-cap in pictures

Before the return of Sarah Platt tonight on Coronation Street, here's a very quick re-cap of her story so far.
Sarah is the daughter of Brian Tilsley (who was stabbed to death up an alley behind a nightclub) and Gail Tilsley. When Sarah was born questions were raised about her paternity, due to Gail's affair with Brian's cousin, Ian Latimer and Brian rejected Sarah, believing she was not his daughter; until a blood test reveals otherwise

Sarah is sister to Nick Tilsley and half-sister to David Platt, granddaughter to Audrey Roberts and mother to Bethany.

Sarah's storylines have included a controversial and ground-breaking underage pregnancy which saw her giving birth to Bethany Platt and saw Sarah deal with motherhood in her teens..

...internet grooming by a man more than twice her age

...being left for dead in a car crash, the car was driven by Aiden Critchley

...being driven into a canal by step dad Richard Hillman

...having a baby with Todd Grimshaw.

Sadly, baby Billy died a day after he was born.  Sarah dumped Todd when she found out he'd been seeing Karl, a male nurse at work.

She hit back at Todd by sleeping with his brother Jason.

...and managed to get Jason up the aisle on their wedding day. They didn't get wed - Jason did a runner out of the toilet window. He sent Sarah a text: "Sorry babes, I couldn't do it"

...eventually marrying Jason despite David's attempts to ruin her big day. As Sarah and Jason exchanged vows, David drove his car into the canal.  This was 31 October 2007.

Sarah left Weatherfield later in 2007 with Bethany. She flew off to work in Milan for her Canadian uncle Steven (Audrey's son and Gail's half-brother).

While in Milan she divorced Jason.

And now she's returning!  This could be fun.  I can't wait to see Eileen's face.

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Zagg said...

I too am looking forward to seeing Eileen's miserable face when she sees Sarah. She's been such a cow lately, maybe this will shut her up!
I liked Sarah's character and the actress. At least this seems normal, a family member coming back into the picture.

Anonymous said...

Hmm,I wonder if Sarah's plot ro frame David by planting drugs in his drawer in the salon to get the job in Milan will be remembered especially since she's dating Callum, a drug dealer to spite David?

Anonymous said...

I know its probably been mentioned before but would really like to rewatch the internet predator episode from 2001.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Well I for one find her pretty boring already, what is the point of her return exactly? Just to date the local drug dealer so as to antagonise her family who she has as usual dumped on - how can they all live in one house its totally stupid. I dont actually mind Bethany, I think there could be storylines for her but Sarah - nah.

AmandaB said...

That shouting match last night was predictable, embarrassing and above all boring to watch.
I've been away for a while so this has probably been discussed before, but the 'tartification' of Bethany is really grating with me - is the makeup on purpose, or is it the actress' own application I wonder. I appreciate 14 year olds don't play with dolls anymore, but is it really deliberate to make her look like what Norris would describe as 'a lady of the night' or does that come the emploment of a 19 year old who does her own makeup?

Anonymous said...

I thought Bethany looked older than Sarah. Way way too much make up (consider this: Bethany is only a year older than Faye)

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who think that Bethany's make up is far too much for a 14-year-old. In the picture on this blog of the two actresses where they are being interviewed, she is wearing far less makeup and looks more suitable for the role.


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