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Saturday 21 March 2015

Coronation Street - huge spoilers for Spring 2015

With thanks to this week's TV Times, we can bring you some Coronation Street spoilers for the next few weeks, so don't read on if you don't want to know.  Some of the spoilers are stories that we've already blogged but it's always good to have them confirmed, official-like!

Gail will meet Michael's ex-wife next week at real Gavin's funeral. It's going to be a nightmare for Gail as Michael's ex-wife, Susan, tells Gail she wants to meet Michael to tell him all about the years he missed with his son. Oh 'eck.

Nick and Carla! Nick and Carla!  Oh wow, I didn't see this one coming.  Carla's away in LA at the moment, TV Times tell us (I was wondering where she'd gone, were you?).  When she returns, she has a problem with her computer and Nick comes to fix it for her. Nick's not very good at fixing computers though and instead of Carla sending him packing she invites him to stay and they enjy a drink together and enjoy each other's company.  Which is soap-speak for... well, I think we all know!

Faye gives birth next week to a baby girl with Anna still unaware that Faye is pregnant.  Faye's rushed to hospital when she goes into labour.  Debbie Rush, who plays Anna, say Faye won't cope well with the baby: "What we'll see is a vulnerable little girl really strugging with the enormity of another life that she's resposible for."

Michelle and Steve's wedding will be a register office do with a proper old-fashioned Coronation Street party. Everyone will chip in, they'll get tables and chairs from Roy's Rolls.

Gail and Michael will also have another go at getting hitched.

Tracy tells Tony she wants to buy the Rovers, when she finds out how much debt Steve is in.

Sarah-Lou returns from Milan and sleeps with Callum.

Jenny over-reacts when Jack gets a rash. What is going on there, I wonder?  She then dumps Kevin and he begs Rita to give him and Jenny her blessing before trying to win Jenny back.

Billy and Sean's relationship goes to the 'next level' - which is probably soap-speak for sub-duvet shenanigans.

Eileen hits it off with her internet date Adrian. More on that here.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Carla and Nick hm? The usual soap bed hopping merry go round with all the neighbours bonking each other at one time or another. Then dopy Sarah L Prattt is brought back - oh to bed Callum and then the ghastly Sean is bonking away wit 'Vicar. Cant the writers have the imaginaton to think of any other storylines at all ?????

Anonymous said...

Gail meeting Michael's ex is nothing more than a recycling of Owen's ex Linda returning,When will this horrible end?!
Faye is in labor and Anna still doesn'tknow she's pregnant?!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Nick's brain injury - did that suddenly disappear?

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the Carla/Nick hook-up. More of Tracy's smirks I can do without though. Another baybay-zzzz. Nothing about the Nazir's leaving? Strange that. Gail again trying to get married. OMG that character is thicker than jam.
More of Roy please and less of the Platt's. I was wondering if the writers are possibly going to hook Ken and Audrey up..that would be interesting - both are such loveable snobs.

Alison said...

Carla and Nick? Just no. Also Carla is not in LA, Beth mentioned that's she's working them all to the bone when she visited Sinead in hospital. She was in LA over Christmas and New Year.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... Whatever happened to Nick's brain injury - did that suddenly disappear?
21 March 2015 at 15:41
Yeah his brains leaked out his ears or some other orifice when he met Erica and he's had no problems with the brain injury since then

vintgal003 said...

Excellent update on exciting "things-to'come"...thanks Flaming Nora for the heads-up!

Michael's ex-wife...well that should make for interesting drama!

Anonymous said...

I actually like the idea of Nick and Carla - give them both something different to do, explore their damaged and vulnerable sides as well as their shared interest in business. Love to see Carla put Gail in her place!!

Why is Gail at Gavin's funeral? All this seems to be doing is dragging out an already long expired storyline.

Anonymous said...

Ken and Audrey would make a great couple, what an excellent idea!!

Laura said...

I've been wondering about Ken/Audrey for a while. When he first came back, there were a few scenes with the two of them that had them much friendlier with one another than I remember in the past (Audrey rushing over as soon as Ken got home, etc). And the way Ken was grinning at her during Gail's hen party made me wonder too.

I thought first there might be an affair storyline, since it was at the time when Ken was angry at Deidre for not telling him about Peter. It wasn't developed any further, and then we all learned of Anne Kirkbride's passing.

I'm not sure what the writers intend, but I think pairing Ken and Audrey together so quickly would be a mistake.

Rebecca said...

I would find the whole Faye being in labour and Anna not knowing she was pregnant thing hard to believe if I hadn't known a girl who that actually happened to. Her parents were friends with mine and they didn't know she was pregnant until the doctors in the Emergency Room explained that her severe stomach cramping was actually labour pains and not good poisoning like they had thought.

Why does Carla only get Leanne's leftovers or murderers/rapists? That being said, I'm not sure how I feel about her and Nick. It makes more sense to me than her and Peter...

BarrieT said...

Does stuart blackburn have to give away every single corrie plotline. What is the point in watching a tv show when you know whats going to happen months in advance. It spoils the surprise.

Anonymous said...

Carla has done the Connors and the Barlows and is moving on the Platts/Tilsleys. After her affair with Nick goes horribly wrong (as soap romances inevitably do) she will move on to David. By this time Max will have grown enough and been replaced by an older actor pretending to be younger. Carla and Max will have a lovely Christmas wedding, with Kylie stripping atop the wedding cake. Can't wait!


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