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Sunday 15 March 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for March 9 - 13

Good casting award: Gavin does have a bit of resemblance to Michael around the edges. I can believe that Michael would look fairly similar if he was 30 years younger.

Piece of Work award: And isn't Gavin a great bad guy! Very believable.

Vintage award: Audrey didn't even buy a new hat for Gail's sixth wedding, reusing the one from the Hillman day instead. Just as well.

Irony award: Gail, on her wedding day, telling herself "you deserve this" just as the real Gavin Rodwell is knocking on the door.

Pants on Fire award: Now Gail's joined the Liar, Liar boat. But with Michael having stress related symptoms, she feels has no choice but to lie.

Fashion statement: Sean's flamingo shirt!

Haunted by the past: Loved how Tracy said the Battersby's stole anything not nailed down. Leanne might have denied it but she blushed and you know it was very true!

True Colours award: That's Katy seeing the real Callum come pouring out of his gob, calling her a slapper.

Phobia award: Tim. First rats. Now spiders.

Musical fail award: "Like a Virgin" probably isn't what Faye wanted to hear at her birthday party, hiding an 8 month baby bump.

Wrong end of the Stick Award (Also Foot in Mouth Award): Sean calling Emily a bigot because he thought she disapproved of having a gay vicar.

Lines of the week
Gail "You deserve this" (just as her world comes crashing down outside that door)
Audrey "In my day it was Happy Families and that was it" David "It's not really appropriate in this family, though, is it?"
Julie to Eileen "I think you got the wrong end of the stick" Todd "That would be the one she was relentlessly poking the punters with?"
Audrey to Gail "Anybody would think you were going to the gallows not walking up the aisle" ... and ..."You can't go through life expecting the worst to thappen" Gail "Why not? Usually does and just when I dare to think I might be, that's when something rears up and bites me on the..."
Michael to Andy re the mugging "You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." Andy "Story of my life"
Eileen "I've never wanted to jump into a tank of pirhanas bit I've a fair idea how that might turn out"
Gail "If only I was as happy as you, Eileen, wouldn't life be wonderful?" (a bit of sarcasm there, but I bet she wishes she had Eileen's problems instead of her own these days)
Owen "You know what Katy's like. Changes her mind what she wants for dinner while she's eating it"
Tracy "Me in a church? The skies turn black if I walk in a room and Songs of Praise is on"
Eileen "If I'm going to scare him off, I'd like to scare him off on my own"
Chesney "Katy's thinking about what's best for her not what's best for him (Joseph)" (That's true, but if she can make a better life for herself, Joseph benefits)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Where are the rentals award: Why do people that are rendered homeless ever rent a place or go stay in a hotel – sometimes insurance companies will cover this – why do they always pitch up at someone’s already overcrowded place expecting to be taken in? Always for “one night” that invariably extends to weeks.

Predictable award: Someone else put on here that of course now that therealGavin has conveniently died, there will be a heart ready and waiting for Moaning Michael so we will have to go through a sentimental “will he/wont he survive” heart transplant story for him as well – no doubt he will soon find something else to be down in the dumps about.. I just find this character extremely negative and irritating.

Poor girl award: Never been a fan of FayE but really hope this 13 year old girl does not end up giving birth alone, that would be too horrible, the stupid stupid Anna and her breathless simpering all the time needs a good hard slap.

Walls have ears award: Yet again we have the soap contrivance that a big secret is discussed whilst the person in question is conveniently within earshot – YAWN. Not even sure if Katy could take Joseph abroad without his father’s consent. Some hammy acting to look forward to from the pair of them before this is resolved I suspect.

Scary award: Simon. Could be totally believable that he starts knocking Leanne about That boy is strange. Like his interaction with Zeedan though. The Nazir house is so much better without the shouty presence of Yasmeen.

Good possible character ruined by another award: Billy the Vicar is a likeable bloke and we could have plenty of stories of him and his parish and parishioners but unfortunately they have paired him with the dreadful has been Sean who just drags him down. What on earth would anyone see in the spiteful self obsessed and now middle aged loser Sean? His rant at elderly Emily in the middle of the pub which came out of nowhere and for no good reason was unforgiveable. Get rid.

Great line of the week for Frosty was when Chesney said to Katy – you don’t even speak any Portuguese – you only know Piri Piri Chicken.

Nikki NZ said...

Continuity Fail Award: Leanne is at Faye's party with Simon while at the same time - apparently - also covering for both Steph snd GAndy at the Bistro.

Anonymous said...

Frosty, good point about Joseph. Would they even have a passport for him? I know the script writers wouldn't let a little detail like that get in the way!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Frosty, I never connected Gavin's death with a new heart for Michael! Although I would've thought there were people higher than him on the waiting list, it would be a way of making the truth come out about his son. Because the truth will have to come out, Andy can't go through the rest of his life in this huge lie.

Anonymous said...

Why would they use Gavin's heart, he died of a heart attack because it was dodgy.

Kate said...

Anon: I think we'll find that Gavin died as he was driving drunk at the wheel, not due to heart-related problems.

AmandaB said...

From what Gail said last week, Michael isn't waiting for a heart transplant, but might consider it at a later stage.


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