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Friday 13 March 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 13 March

Friday 13th March
FRIDAY 13TH BRINGS DEATH TO THE PLATTS’ DOOR. Gail and Andy call at Gavin’s flat and handing him the £2,500, tell him to stay away from Michael. As they make to leave, Andy reminds Gavin that he must get his heart checked out. Elsewhere Gail accompanies Michael to hospital for his appointment with the consultant. As Andy and Steph discuss the Gavin situation, Andy takes a call on his mobile and is clearly shocked by some news. Arriving at the hospital Andy and Steph break the news to Gail that Gavin’s dead!
IT’S FAYE’S PARTY AND SHE’LL CRY IF SHE WANTS TO. As Anna and Izzy prepare for Faye’s surprise birthday party, Katy wonders how she’s going to break the news to Chesney that she’s moving abroad. Under instruction from Anna, Craig leads Faye back to the flat. As they enter, Anna, Gary, Izzy, Katy, Owen, Sally and Tim leap out shouting “surprise”. Faye does her best to appear pleased but the party is a total flop and Faye does a runner, dragging Craig with her. Unaware that Chesney is listening, Faye tells Craig that she’d really like to confess everything to Anna but feels she can’t with Katy moving to Portugal and all the upset that’s causing. Chesney’s stunned and hurries out.
BILLY RAINS ON SEAN’S PARADE. Sean does his best to drum up interest in Billy’s Comedy Night. But as Sean and Billy set off for the event, Billy steals himself and explains to Sean that as he’s still very much the new vicar, he doesn’t yet want his congregation to know that he’s gay. Will Sean take offence at this?
ELSEWHERE Todd helps Eileen choose an outfit for her first internet date. Egged on by Julie and Todd, Eileen sets off to meet him. Zeedan settles down in front of a DVD and makes it clear that Simon isn’t welcome to join him. Leanne tells Zeedan not to take his dislike of her out on Simon.

Friday 13th March
GAIL FACES A TERRIBLE DILEMMA. Andy explains how Gavin was drink-driving, crashed the car and killed himself. Gail’s horrified whilst Andy’s consumed with grief for his old mate. Andy blames himself for Gavin’s death, pointing out that if they hadn’t given him the cash he wouldn’t have been drunk and driving like a lunatic. Meanwhile a downcast Michael emerges from the consultant’s room and breaks the news to Gail, Andy and Steph that his operation was unsuccessful and his only hope now is a transplant. Shaken, Gail tells Andy that for the sake of Michael’s health, he must always remain as Gavin, Michael’s son. Trapped in another man’s life, can Andy keep up the lie?
THE SUN SEEMS TO SET ON KATY’S DREAMS. Chesney barges his way into Faye’s party and confronts Katy, telling her there’s no way she’s taking Joseph abroad. Katy and Linda try to persuade Chesney that a new life in Portugal is the best thing for Joseph but Chesney’s adamant he’s better off here with his family. Talking to Owen, Chesney’s adamant that Katy’s only thinking what’s best for her, not for Joseph. Will Owen agree?
SEAN FEARS HE’S BLOWN IT WITH BILLY. As Sean lays into Emily, calling her a homophobe and a bigot, Billy arrives. Emily’s shocked and assures Sean she is neither but just a traditionalist when it comes to her faith. Realising he misjudged the situation, Sean offers an embarrassed apology. But how will Billy react Sean’s actions?
ELSEWHERE Zeedan thaws towards Simon. As Eileen waits for Adrian her internet date she gets cold feet and after phoning him they agree to get to know each other a bit better before meeting up. Todd’s secretly pleased. When David opens a letter from his solicitor suggesting mediation with Callum, David despairs, worried he’ll lose Max for good.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Not looking forward to spiteful Sean laying into the 80 something genteel Emily. Someone ought to punch this moron's lights out.

I am almost sorry that evil Gavin is being killed off, he should have hung around the Street and become the next serial killer - LOL!

Tvor said...

with any luck, Gavin won't have had the chance to cash Gail's cheque yet!

AmandaB said...

Wonder if Gail & GAndy will register real-Gavin's death as 'Andy' so that GAndy can continue being Andy officially in a fraudulent way? Try saying that when you're drunk!

Anonymous said...

Proving Zeedan is're going to be mean to a little kid? Dude...move on. Join the military like your dad and get off the street.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess. Gavin's heart is transplanted into Michael and they all live happily ever after. Methinks an obvious plot device.

Beth said...

The guy that was just back from Thailand and spurned by his father was much more menacing and nasty than the supposed menacing and nasty drug dealer Callum.

Anyone else irritated by the way Callum speaks? He emphasises different vowels making popping sounds "Macccssss". :) Another irritant by this useless character

Anonymous said...

How does this moron Sean keep getting stories? He is ridiculous, and when since has he ever been interested in the church. Billy is far better and too good for him.

Glad I am away tonight, can fast forward his scenes when catching up.

Anonymous said...

Not that long ago, Sean was described as the moral compass of the street. Where did that go? It seems that a lot of people on that street rush to judgement about other people, without waiting to get all the facts, then have to backtrack and apologize, but they never seem to learn a lesson from their mistakes.

Zagg said...

I don't think I understand Emily's explanation of just being a traditionalist in her faith. Does that mean she really doesn't approve of the gay vicar but is not verbalizing it, or does she not approve of the comedy night? I honestly don't get it.

Tvor said...

Emily reckons her vicar's private life is his own business, not hers. She just didn't find a comedy night to be her cup of tea, really not something she would enjoy at all.

Nikki NZ said...

How could Leanne be both at Faye's birthday party AND holding the fort for GAndy and Steph at the Bistro?

AmandaB said...

Sinead must surely win the prize for the longest stay in soap hospital. They're usually on deaths door in one episode and back at work the next.


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