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Saturday 21 March 2015

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Streetcars Chair of Shame

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Now then, you know I love Corrie. I’ve been watching it since I was knee-high to a pint of stout but this week has been somewhat lacklustre. Where I normally have a couple of pages of notes I’ve scribbled while watching it, of dialogue and scenes to be shared, this week I have just a few lines, it’s been that dire.  Being a Corrie fan is much like supporting your favourite football team. Sometimes they’re in the Premier League and sometimes they’re bottom of the division having scored too many own goals.  You wish the players were moved about and some of your favourites brought in from the subs bench. You call for the manager to be sacked. But in your heart, you couldn’t ever change allegiance. You just wish – and hope – that things will turn around. They always do, it’s just a matter of waiting…  and so without any further ado here we go with this week’s Coronation Street weekly update.

Emily does her best to bring Sean and Billy the vicar back together again. She hauls Billy to the Rovers on the pretence of speaking to him about the butler auction and bring and buy sale they’re organising.  With Billy in the pub, up pops Sean at the bar and Emily forces the two men to speak. “I think the expression is ‘Get Over Yourselves’,” Emily tells them. “Sort it out.”  Let’s hope they do, because Billy the vicar is a joy to behold. Amen.
With the real Gavin dead, Gail conspires with Steph and fake Gavin-Andy to cover all tracks of real Gavin’s National Insurance number ever being on the books at the Bistro.  Gail’s embroiled in all sorts of fakery and she’s not best pleased. Keeping the truth from Michael about his fake son being alive and his real son being dead is what it’s all about as Gail fears that if Michael knows what’s gone on, his heart will give out and he’ll croak.
Just when it looks like Gail’s got enough on her plate, in walks grand-daughter Bethany from Milan.  Bethany’s 14 now – you can read her back-story here if you’ve forgotten all about her. She returns from Milan to Manchester without mum Sarah knowing she’s swanned off and having been expelled from school. Despite living in Italy for the past few years she’s got a Weatherfield accent as big as Salford itself although she did, endearingly, use the Italian word for grandmother when she cuddled up to Gail and told her she’d come back to see her ‘nonna’.  A nice, if tiny, nod to the years spent in Italy. Bethany’s full of trouble, a proper little madam, and it’s going to be good to see where this goes.

In the week that Bethany returned, Katy left, flying off to Portugal to live with her mum. She took Joseph with her and Chesney’s upset as you’d expect.  Farewell, Katy Armstrong, the girl who deflowered Chesney. May your hair be as shiny in Portugal as it ever was in Weatherfield.

David and Callum go to mediation this week in their battle for Max.  David’s mum and Callum’s mum accompany their boys to the session, this was a lovely touch for these two supposedly hard lads who need their mums with them both. Callum’s mum Marion bonds with Gail over the crossword as their lads go to battle for Max.
In the cab office, things are frosty between Steve and Lloyd, with Lloyd still unable to accept the facts of Steve’s depression. Andrea sits on and breaks the Streetcars chair of shame and fixing it brings the lads together again, briefly, before Lloyd leaves Steve sitting in the chair, alone.  Where’s Fat Brenda and her biscuits when you need her? Or maybe Emily could pop in and tell them to get over themselves and sort it out.
Kevin leaves little Jack with Jenny when his childminder comes down with chicken-pox. Jenny’s put on the spot when Kev asks her to look after his son, she does it all the same although she’s not right happy. She panics when she thinks Jack might be choking on an onion and she goes into full fright mode. Which of course makes us wonder if something has happened in her past, perhaps with a child of her own, which makes her overly protective of little Jack and so weird in her behaviour with him.  There’s a lot more layers to be revealed with Jenny, I feel.  Rita’s still giving her the cold shoulder, mind you.

Over at the allotment, Sharif is given the allotment plot that Roy was after and he offers to share it with Roy.  While Roy’s happy to have half of the plot to grow his organic veg for the caf√©, he’s not best pleased about the lines of demarcation that Sharif has drawn up.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

It was an OK kind of week, made all the better for only seeing two episodes. I enjoy it far more and don't feel I've missed anything. In any case, I can always come here to fill in the gaps.

It's best if we forget that Bethany has spent half her life in Milan. She might well have fluent English and, anyway, an Italian accent would soon grate on us but she wouldn't have the swagger and strop of a UK teenager. Let's just pretend she and Sarah were relocated by Uncle Stephen to the Outer Hebrides. Not a bad debut by the young actress. Keen to see where this story goes.

Upintheattic said...

Must be just me, but I find it's been unwatchable for weeks now. The story lines are asinine at best. Bethany is no more 14, than I am 30. I have all but given up hoping for improvements.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Corrie has good days and bad days but there is TOO MUCH PLATTS with then dominating almost every storyline at the moment. Ridiculous that Andygavin would pick up a young girl like that and ply her with booze. Steph really needs to dump him PDQ. This silly decepton has dragged on for too long already.

Beth said...

In all seriousness is Bethany Platt really supposed to be 14? One year older than Faye. I have a 14 year old who thankfully looks nor acts nothing like her. It will be interesting when her mother arrives, considering Tina O'Brien looks amazing for her age.

Another in your face character that will dominate the Platts even more. Oh boy, I can hardly wait..... zzzzz

Anonymous said...

I may have missed something, but I don't understand why Sophie hates Jenny so much. She didn't know her before, Jenny didn't do anything to her, yet Sophie seems to be more angry at Jenny than any of the people who were around when Jenny was on the Street before. It seems so over the top.

Anonymous said...

Frosty,I agree with yout and what makes Andy picking up Bethany worse is that there was a similar scenario when Nick met Tina is a restaurant the night before he was to rerurn for his mother's wedding to her father Joe and Tina stomped out on Jason after finding out he was still married to Sarah.It's bad enough that the Platts aretaking over storylines but is it necessary to recycle the same scenario for the same family?!

Laura said...

I find it absurd to hear Sophie telling her dad not to date Jenny, that she's no-good, etc etc.......let's see where did she meet her girlfriend Maddie?? Oh yes, at the homeless shelter right after she robbed her mother of her handbag. Pathetically hypocritical.

vintgal003 said...

Excellent Glenda...the Canadian Corrie fans thank you for your 'always' stellar updates! The 7:30 pm TV slot is permanently CORRIE!

Anonymous said...

The girl playing Bethany looks about 20!

Arya said...

I agree with Gandy taking Bethany for a drink is out of character. Bethany's accent is also so! More thought needs to go into casting/writing so it's believable and not out of convenience.

Zagg said...

I have to agree, Andy taking Bethany for drinks is silly. On the other hand I don't know why people think he's a good guy anyway. Making a mistake is short changing someone on a bill, or spoiling a surprise party. Pretending you are someone else for months, creating a fake robbery, stealing from your boss and fiddling with insurance numbers to cover your bum is pathologically lying.
He is not a good guy in my book.


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