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Tuesday 31 March 2015

Guess who discovers Tracy and Tony's secret?

Ooh, that Todd!

According to this week's Inside Soap magazine, Todd finds out about Tracy and Tony after he spies a stolen kiss between the two of them.  I don't know about you, but I have to hide behind a cushion every time they come on screen.

Inside Soap says that Todd figures out that Tracy is having an affair with Tony and threatens to spill the beans to Liz.  Tracy's quick to buy Todd's silence with a payrise at Barlow's Buys and hints that he could be part of her business plans for the future if he stays schtum.

But will he stay quiet?  And will we ever find out what happened to Todd  in that London to turn him into such a nasty piece of work?

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Anonymous said...

should be: "Tracy is having an affair with Tony" - thanks for the update!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Tony and Tracy make an absolutely cringe-worthy couple. In fact, I'd go as far as to say the actors look embarrassed.

I agree with Milly about Todd. Who cares about why he's turned into the wicked son? The writers certainly don't.

Tvor said...

As soon as I saw the headline, I knew it had to be Todd even before I read the rest. He's the most logical one. Things are going to get more interesting as Tracy is now going to see what being on the other end of manipulation is like for a change.

Zagg said...

Personally, I think Tracy and Tony make a good couple. Far more believable than Tony and Liz. They have more in common and look good together. Liz looks an old country and western singer with a bark that grates. Tony's cool, urban, a bit dodgy and edgy. I find the pairing of her and Tony laughable. On no planet would a Tony go after a Liz.
And we go again. Who cares what happened to him wherever he was. They just keep inserting his obligatory lurking scenes to fulfill his contract or something.

Donna said...

Zagg has it dead on. Tony and Tracy compliment each other and he can handle her, but allows her some leaway. They do look good together, but Corrie won't listen.Liz needs a man similar to Jim, not him but similar. Glad she is playing her age and keeps the girls covered. Should have been Amy who found out, to build on her nasty ways she is developing and to see how long she would have kept the secret.Todd was no good before he left Weatherfield and his daughter is just like him, apple never falls far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Todd is not Bethany's father. He was Billy's dad. Sarah's child that died.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Tony started off as a good character with that edginess and that simmering menance. But turning him into Liz's yes man and him jumping to do her bidding has started the ruination of him I am afraid. These writers throw away so many good opportunities I wonder if they are drunk a lot of the time.

Cobblestone said...

Todd planned to adopt Bethany before it all went pear-shaped. However, I thought I saw a spark of humanity in him when he recognised her in the shop the other day. I do hope that when Sarah comes face to face with Todd in the near future, the writers don't write hostility into the scene. They should remember that Sarah forgave Todd & buried the hatchet when he came back to attend her wedding to Jason (or one of them!) They were actually getting on pretty well, with Todd as her new gay bff.

Tvor said...

Kind of strange that Bethany remembered Todd but not Jason when she was so young when they were living with Todd.


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