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Friday 20 March 2015

Bethany Britney Platt - a life in pictures

Bethany Platt returns to Coronation Street tonight - Friday 20 March 2015.

And so, before new actress Lucy Fallon takes on the role as Bethany we'll see later this year, let's have a re-cap of the life of Bethany Platt so far, with pictures and the help of Corriepedia and

Bethany Britney Platt was born on 4 June 2000 in Weatherfield General Hospital.  You can watch it on Youtube here.

This makes the returning Bethany Platt currently 14 years of age and she'll be 15 this June.

Bethany was born when mum Sarah was only 13 years old and in a relationship with schoolboy Neil Fearns, who turned out to be Bethany's dad.

Bethany was taken away to Milan with Sarah in 2007 so we've only seen her on screen for 7 years, but it's been action packed as you can see...

2000 - Bethany was kidnapped at birth by Alison Webster after the death of her own child to an infection.  Watch it on YouTube here.  Alison handed Bethany back to Sarah then ran in front of a truck and killed herself.
2003 - Bethany was given an electric shock when Sarah moved into a seedy flat with Todd Grimshaw. Gail called Social Services. Bethany was rushed to hospital.

With thanks to @AmyE1991 for this pic

2003 - Bethany was drugged and almost killed by being driven into a canal by Richard Hillman when he tried to kill the whole Platt clan. They survived and he died. Relive the whole Hillman horror here.

2003 - Bethany's dad Neil Fearns died

2004  - Bethany was kidnapped by Neil Fearn's mother, Brenda.  Brenda threatened to jump off the top of a church and was talked down by Emily Bishop.

2007 - Bethany took ecstasy and was rushed to hospital. David hid ecstasy tablets in Bethany's doll for Darryl Morton, but Bethany took one of the pills and had to be rushed to hospital.

2006 - Bethany was bridesmaid for mum Sarah at her wedding to Jason Grimshaw. This was the wedding where Jason got cold feet and ran away from the wedding through a toilet window.  Watch it on YouTube here. Jason and Sarah did eventually marry in 2007

In 2007 Sarah went to live in Milan to work for her uncle Stephen and she took Bethany with her.  We've not seen either of them since.  She divorced Jason Grimshaw in 2010 when he wanted to marry Tina McIntyre.

Also worth noting is that Todd Grimshaw hoped to adopt Bethany one day, while he was in his relationship with Sarah.  That is, however, before he tried snogging Sarah's brother Nick and having his fling with nurse Karl Foster.

Sarah refused to let Todd see Bethany after that, so it's going to be good to see if this is referred to when Bethany is back and if so, how Todd - and Jason - react to having both Sarah and Beth back.

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Rebecca said...

As long as Uncle Stephen and his terrible Canadian accent don't follow! Or if he does follow he should have a different head!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nothing wrong with a Canadian accent!
I wonder if the fact that Jason and Sarah were together and then split in real life will add to any tension. Going to be good viewing.
C in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca I agree with you about the accent. I am Canadian and Stephen's accent certainly wasn't! It sounded more like an English actor with an American accent awful!

Anonymous said...

We Canadians have an accent? :-o

Laura said...

There's another connection with Todd in that Bethany's younger brother was his son. If I remember right, he was born prematurely after Sarah found out about Todd's infidelity, and she blamed him for the baby's death.
Definitely not something that can be swept under the rug when she returns.

Rebecca said...

I'd better clarify -- I am Canadian so I feel qualified in saying that the actor who parodied our accent was just as insulting to me as St Ella's accent was to our friends in Northern England. It was awful!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Talk about accents - Bethany Platt who is a pretty hammy actress so far - talks in a rather silly voice with no trace of an Italian accent. I suspect she is just going to be another annoyance.

Arya said...

Agree Frosty! Having lived in Milan from a young age, Bethany would surely have some traces of an Italian accent. The fact that she doesn't leads to not very believable viewing.


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