Friday, 13 March 2015

Pics: Corrie film Gail and Michael's wedding - again

Paparazzi pics are in the tabloids today of Gail and Michael's wedding being filmed - for a second time. This time the wedding features Gail's daughter Sarah and grand-daughter Bethany as guests at the bash.  Let's hope it all goes smoothly for Gail this time.

Gail and Michael's first wedding was filmed on location at Ryecroft Hall.  If anyone knows the location of their second wedding, do please let us know

More pics here.

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Martinat said...

Hi, i just wonder - I really like Gail's red winter coat she is wearing now in every episode, would you know where is the coat from? Many thanks.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh for goodness sake I am tired of this couple! It makes a total mockery of marraige. More sillyness with - will she/he turn up? BAH

Anonymous said...

Frosty,I agree with you and what makes it worse is that the 'do over'wedding will take place probably after the real Gavin's funeral and Gail going along with Andy's fraud to 'protect' Michael.When will the madness end?

Anonymous said...

If someone were to talk to me like Michael spoke to Gail when she was merely late to her first wedding appt, he wouldn't be getting another chance. Nor would he have his front teeth left after I smacked them out of his stupid mouth.

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