Friday, 27 March 2015

Spot the Corrie prop - March 27th 2015

As I thought, last week's prize prop puzzle proved particularly perplexing and we had only one correct guess as to the location of the "rooster motif hook arrangement thingummy". So it's many congratulations and a Coronation Street keyring for our winner Hanney Graham who spotted the prop in Sally & Tim's kitchen.

Hanney, to claim your keyring prize, please email with the address you'd like the prize sent to and it'll be popped in the post to you asap!  Congratulations!

There'll be more Coronation Street prize giveaways in the coming weeks - so keep your eyes peeled on the background props in Corrie to stand a chance of winning.

There's no prize this week for telling us whereabouts on the Coronation Street set you would find this kitchen shelf. 

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Anonymous said...

real Gavin's?


funky diva said...

Where else would you find beans on the shelf with the bar booze. I'm going to guess It's the Brown, Stape, Sutherland and Tinker household. (now that's a full house)

Llifon said...

Yeah where Sinead tried to reach!

Flo said...

Lloyd's flat?

maggie muggins said...

Yep, Chesney & Sinead's place (with half The Street), but no more Joseph. :(

Baked beans and booze, lol, funky diva!

Unknown said...

Andy's/Gavin's flat?

Peter said...

Was corrie on Friday 27th?

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