Tuesday, 31 March 2015

First pics of Eileen's new fella on Coronation Street

Eileen Grimshaw's new fella Adrian turns up in Coronation Street next week.  We'll see Adrian for the first time on Easter Monday.

Actor Mark Moraghan will play Adrian, Eileen’s new love interest in Coronation Street.  Mark is from Toxteth in Liverpool.

The Liverpool Echo have conformed that while it’s initially a guest role, it could be developed into a long-term character, which could see the ctor join the show for the foreseeable future.

As well as Brookside, Mark has also appeared in Holby City, Peak Practice and Heartbeat as well as Celebrity Masterchef and a successful musical theatre career.

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abbyk said...

If he can make Eileen happy enough so she gets back to knocking Steve & Lloyd's heads together, and he isn't a whinging idiot, it will be a pleasant change. Eileen was happy with Dennis and fun to be around when I started watching, so, 1st impressions and all, I'm hopeful her character can be rehabbed.

Milly said...

Yay, no more sour-puss-face from Eileen! I was afraid her face would stick like 'that' if she continued on being a miserable sad sack. She's so much lovlier when she's happy (aren't we all :D).
But how long will it last?
Will Todd scheme up some crazy crap to make his mother miserable again? Will Gail flutter her way into his bed after Michael's heart attack? Will Liz lure him away with her zigg-zagg necklace? Will Bethany try it on with him to make her mother upset?
I like comedic Eileen, so hopefully it will work out for a change. If a new character has to be added yet again, I hope it's not another messed up, evil presence.

maggie muggins said...

Mark as Adrian has a nice smile. Milly, your comment was great, made me smile!

I can see Todd's brain scheming already, even though the dating site was his idea. He just can't let anyone be happy.

Zagg said...

Zigg-zagg necklace....heheheeeee!

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