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Sunday 22 March 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for March 16 - 20

Perfect Timing award: Michael "We don't want to tempt fate, do we?" (just as Gail sees a memorial to Gavin Rodwell in the newspaper)

Matchmaker award: Emily, for getting Sean and Billy talking again.

Result award: After all that angst, turns out Sharif's chickens were laying eggs behind the fence!

Subterfuge award: Sinead talked Kirk into springing her from the hospital.

Overkill award: Ok, maybe getting Sinead back to hospital in an ambulance might be warranted in case she hurt her back again, but I really don't think they needed the siren.

You Changed Your Tune: on Monday, All Katy's family still wanted her to stay. On Wednesday they were defending her decision to go.

Rigged award: Never in my life have I seen a chair fall completely apart like that on in the cab office.

Crocodile Tears award: Bethany laying one on the cab driver.

Ironic award: Gavin died of a heart attack, same condition Michael has only he wasn't so lucky to catch it in time.

Illogical, Captain: Why does nobody ever arrange for time off to actually go to the airport to see people off?

Mystery award: What's going on with Jenny? Upset over Maddie's childhood accident and freaking out worried that Jack might have choked on a shallot? I wonder if she lost a child to an accident.

Lines of the week:
Callum to Gail "Maybe you can arm wrestle for him (with his mother). Winner takes Max."
Gail to Andy "He's not your dad. He deserves better" (ouch, but true)
Emily to Billy "I think the expression is, 'Get over yourself'"
Katy to Owen "Maybe if she was allowed to come back sooner, I wouldn't be flying off to Portugal" (that's you told)
Kal "Apparently we've got gorilla chickens"
Michelle "I'm a tasteless Philistine, right?" (because she doesn't "get" Northern Soul)
Steve "I'm depressed, not deluded"
Bethany about her Gran "She could only communicate by blinking. Once for yes, twice for no, which made it really difficult trying to talk to her over the phone."
Gail "Don't you 'friendly face' me, Bethany Platt. What are you doing here?"
Gail "Why now?" Bethany "I just fancied a decent cuppa tea"

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Alison said...

Fun post as always. One though, the Ironic Award isn't ironic...

Anonymous said...

I think Kal meant 'guerilla chickens' for invading other territories

Frosty the Snowman said...

Out of character award: Come on would Gandy REALLY pick up a young girl outside the Bistro and take her to the pub and ply her with drink? So far he has come across as a basically decent bloke so this seemed very random and out of character.

That’s rich award: Shrew Michelle shouting at Gandy that he could lose her her licence – dah – what’s the slogan for pubs – Think 25? – no way did Beth look more than 16/17.

Ham award: Sorry so far Bethany is very hammy with a silly voice and no trace of an Italian accent or Milan style. Where is she sleeping in the Platt’s tardis house anyhow?

WHY are you there award: Frosty is going to ask again – what IS the point of Andrea? That scene with Steve and Lloyd when the chair was broken would have been far better without the grinning ape. I really don’t know why she has been kept on as she brings absolutely nothing to the programme.

Keep it civil award: The allotment scenes would have been better if Roy and Sharif hadn’t started the stupid arguing over spuds and corn, it then became tiresome not comical.

Airport award: Why does nobody in a soap see anyone off at the airport like the rest of us? Always lined up on the cobbles waving like idiots.

Swap the actors award: What a splendid little chap the actor who played Joseph is or was. Compared to “Jack” who just stood there looking confused and terrified.

Oh shut up award: Sophie being all sanctimonious when she expected everyone to accept HER girlfriend that she met in a homeless shelter and stole her mother’s handbag. Cut Jenny some slack luv you are shacked up in your father’s house. I cannot stand Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and Sophie should go when Maddar leaves.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice Katy swear in one of her last scenes? I could of sworn that she said, "I've got to get my s h i t together" to Owen before going home to pack her bags. I had to re-play it over just to confirm. Did anyone else notice?

Tvor said...

Good catch. "guerilla" is most likely what he said. "Gorilla" didn't make sense but that's what it sounded like.

Ben Sherman said...

I expect it was "act together". Corrie would never allow such language - you should wash your ears out.

Anonymous said...

I think what Katy said was "I've still got a shed load to do"

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 14.51 - that's what Katy said

Anonymous said...

.....which just goes to show that the actress doesn't enunciate clearly. Sophie is often guilty of the same thing.

abbyk said...

Scratching My Head - awarding the only allotment to Sharif, who has his own yard, instead of Roy who does not. Is this really how it's done or just another plot device?

Wishing for It - Alya moves in with Steph. They are both fun, energetic girls when they aren't tied down with their drippy loser boyfriends. They both need someone to hang out with who isn't family/fauxmily

Anonymous said...

andy has just moved in with steрh though abbyk


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