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Sunday 29 March 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards for March 23 - 25

A short one this week as there were only three episodes:

Confessional award: Gavin's mother admits she turned her son against his father. She might want to make peace but the damage was done. Her hatred pushed Gavin to blackmail and ultimately to his death.

Her mother's daughter. Amy knew darn well Liz was buying her off so she wouldn't keep playing the recorder so she soaked her for enough cash for the expensive sweets!

Classics Award: Bethany has done Anna Karenina for school but better than that, she's seen the film, and better than that again, it was one of the old movies with Vivien Leigh! (from 1948)

Musical Ambiance: "At Last" playing when Steve and Michelle announced the engagement.

Lines of the week:
David "Gail is like an old piano. You got to know how to play her or she makes a terrible noise"
Gail to Bethany "I brought up David. I know every trick in the book and more besides"
Bethany about Anna Karenina "It is chick lit. In a way" (for the 19th century, yes, it is!)

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Cobblestone said...

Bloody good schools in Milan, where 14 yr olds study Tolstoy ...
Still, for the first time since her arrival, it peaked a scintilla of interest in me in Bethany. If we have to continue to see the rude, manipulative brat played out, at least the idea that she's a keen reader whose cultural horizons stretch further than the Rita Tushingham Community Centre promises to make her a little more rounded as a character.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Growing on me (slightly) award: Bethany seemed a bit better in the latest episode, discussing Tolstoy. Much better and more interesting than being an obnoxious brat writers!

Never been away award: Only Gail to my knowledge has ever gone to visit in Milan over the past decade and then only on one or two occasions, yet Bethany is as familiar with the whole family as if she was brought up in the next street! - Odd.

Doorstep award: What’s the betting that Michael’s ex wife, who seems as negative and moany as he is, will turn up out the blue on Gail’s doorstep after an absence of 30 years – doesn’t she know THE SHOCK COULD KILL HIM!!!??

Dreading it award: The tiresome “wedding” with Steve and Orange Face. Untold ‘misunderstandings”, stupid face pulling and arm folding to come and set to run and run until we get yet another fiasco at the church/registry office. Ho Hum.

Thoroughly Fed Up with it award: Callum and his mincing around. This has to be one of the most boring, unlikely and long drawn out storylines EVER!

Deluded Mother Award: What exactly does Calum’s mother think he does for a living? It must be easy enough for David to get proof.. Cannot believe the whole street has such a laid back attitude about a drug dealer in their midst, you would think they would have their torch and pitchforks out but all they do is mumble about him “being fit”. Ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Here in Canada we've just been introduced to Bethany. Could someone please tell me where her accent is supposed to be from? It's not one I recognize from anywhere I've ever heard of.

Tvor said...

While I did Tolstoy in high school, I did do Shakespeare in school at 14 so it's not such a stretch that Bethany might have done Tolstoy.

Yes, as far as we've seen only Gail has been to Milan but in this day and age of the internet, I would expect they've all chatted on Skype or whatever video program of the day is popular.

Cobblestone said...

I'm a qualified English teacher and Tolstoy - while not impossible - is a huge stretch for 14 year olds. I remember starting to read Dostoyevsky at that age, but that was me, not school - school, I recall, had us reading Watership Down! But I welcome the idea that Bethany is exceptionally bright for her age. Corrie's never done a gifted child storyline, as far as I can recall. That could be at the root of her behavioural problems. Just so long as she doesn't end up a barmaid or hair-stylist in a couple of years, when they've forgotten her potential.
A far more egregious detail was Bethany's appalling pronunciation of 'Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Due' & 'gelato'. No one raised in Italy could have butchered it in that way. Couldn't they have got someone in to tutor her? It's no surprise she has no Italian accent when speaking English - she went to an International School & was raised by Sarah - but she would be fluent in Italian.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that people on the street appear to be so tolerant of Callum the drug dealer, but are harshly judgmental about even suspected wrong doing by anyone they know, e.g. Tyrone, Steve, etc.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,That's an interesting point you've made about Callum. Chesney to his credit was the only bloke who wasn't afraid to tell Callum what he thought of him.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites award goes to the entire street. They all gang up on Roy for bashing Garrah or Steve after the accident, but Callum can deal drugs all over the place and nowt is said about it?


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