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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

VIdeo: Behind the scenes at Corrie post-production

Working on a programme with such a demanding production schedule means ITV Studios is always keen to find ways to improve efficiency while maintaining production values. That's why the UK’s biggest production company chose a unique renderless, collaborative workflow - with Baselight ONE, Slate and Baselight for Avid - to create, adjust and share sophisticated colour grades between colourist and editorial.

If you know what any of the above means, you're a better person that I am!  It's all a bit Greek to me.  But nevertheless, I urge you to watch the video below for a smashing behind-the-scenes look at some technical aspects to Coronation Street that we never usually see.  It's from FilmLight and you can read all about their involvement with Coronation Street here.

In the video below, ITV Studios’ post production manager David Williams, lead colourist Stephen Edwards and editor Phill Lees, tell us more about their real-time collaboration and how the exchange of full grading metadata - produced by Baselight – has enhanced speed, creativity and productivity.

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@NickJay6 (Manchester) said...

Well that was all very technical but unless I blinked and missed it, NOBODY said what it actually does or how they are using it other than "we can tweak it" - what's "it" and what do they mean by "tweak"? Maybe we're all supposed to be mind readers?! :)

Flaming Nora said...

Couldn't agree more Nick, it was very techy and geeky but I loved it nonetheless as a view behind the green curtain!

BarrieT said...

I think its their digital editing machine so they can film an episode, add lighter or darker lighting and edit scenes. Previously they had to copy the original tape to a copy then edit that and then re-record it. I wonder what they do now with all their spare time.

vintgal003 said...

I always find it *fascinating* at these behind-the-scenes type segments... It adds another dimension to the story for us! Thanks for sharing that...even though not sure what language they were speaking..haha..

Anonymous said...

Every field of study has its own terminology. Video editing is no exception. I'm glad this system is more efficient and effective, even if I still have no clue how its done. I just wish all this new-found efficiency could free up some time for the story-liners and writers. I'm not nearly as concerned about continuity in lighting as I am about personality transplants of characters!

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