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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 31st 2011

Greetings and welcome to another week’s update on the goings on on t’ cobbles of  Weatherfield.
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Eileen’s worried sick over the veiled threats from Owen after she ‘borrowed’ £10000 from the building firm. Julie knows something’s up with her half-sister and eventually wheedles it out of her. With a fresh pair of eyes on the problem and a clear head, together they hatch up a cunning plan to deal with the situation. They dress in their best dark clothes and mount an assault on the builder’s yard (Eileen still has a key for some reason), stealing all Owen’s vital documents, showing his dodgy deals and trumped-up tax returns. They lure him to Eileen’s house and confront him with their devious dossier and after handing over a cheque for the missing money, warn him that they still have the originals and if they have any more bother from him, they’ll hand it all over to the authorities. Owen has a face like a slapped backside but I’m sure he won’t be down for long, he’s not a man to be crossed. Julie’s next task is to get Eileen another job, where she doesn’t have access to the company chequebook and before long she’s working in packing at Underworld.

Across the road at number four, Kev has a potential buyer lined up for the house. He tells Sally that they’ll be coming round and she immediately starts untidying the place. When they arrive she turns into scally Sally, which given her background isn’t that difficult a transformation to make, and makes the viewer decidedly unwelcome. She isn’t put off by Sally’s shenanigans though and arranges a second viewing with her husband. Sally turns up the pressure this time by inviting the Windasses round to tea (don’t bother dressing up) at the same time as the buyers and while drinking lager straight from the can, Eddie regales them with tales of the great community spirit on the street and how they’re always in and out of each other’s houses and how it’s very unlikely that a tram will come off the viaduct again. This doesn’t seem to be what the potential buyers want to hear.
Cheryl uncovers the loot from the burglary at Janice’s in the boot of Lloyd’s cab. Cheryl thinks that maybe he is responsible for the break in after all but Lloyd susses out what’s what and knows that Chris is behind it. He passes the booty to the police via a third party and somehow they manage to find the culprit, Billy. Lloyd keeps quiet about Chris’s involvement as he doesn’t want to upset Russ and Cheryl but this incident is enough for Cheryl to finally do something about the situation and she tells Chris she wants a divorce.

Things go from bad to worse for Fiz. Her husband is in psychiatric care, Hope is taken off the ventilator but then has to be put back on again after it turns out she has a hole in her heart and on top of all her money worries, the car won’t start and the repairs will cost more than it’s worth. A stranger comes knocking trying to find Colin Fishwick. Curious, Fiz lets him in and pretends to be Colin’s wife, which she sort of is, and finds out that Colin is the sole beneficiary of Joy’s will. She tells him they don’t want the money but the stranger isn’t interested, he’s done his job by tracking her down and hands over the details of the solicitor who’s dealing with the will. With all her money problems, Fiz is tempted by the windfall.

Gary’s up in court and receives a suspended sentence for his assault on the police officer. He gets called in to see his CO and despite his protestations is dishonourably discharged from the army. This comes as a bit of a blow for his parents who finally thought he had a future though they are relieved that it means he won’t be going back to Afghanistan. Unfortunately it could scupper their chances of adoption as their case will have to be reassessed in light of Gary now living at home. However this ceases to be a problem for them when Gary announces that he’s moving in with Izzy.

“Is there an apostrophe in Freshco’s?” asks Deirdre, “Yes, after the ‘o’” says Ken, “Oh” says Deirdre. She’s making a to do list and crossing things off: stuff marrow; kill fatted calf ready for the prodigal daughter's return; lose all sense when it comes to her daughter even though she knows she’s a murdering scumbag. All done. Unfortunately Tracy’s out of hospital and back to wreak havoc on the Street annoy the viewers.

Elsewhere, Janice nearly catches Peter drinking and so he kicks her out and back to her own flat. Carla catches him lugging bottles back from Freshco and tries to get him to seek help but he’s having none of it.  

This week's writers were Damon Rochefort, Jonathan Harvey, Carmel Morgan, Peter Whalley and Martin Allen.

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