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Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 7 2011

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They really should get better soundproofing in the ladies loo at the Rovers Return. Tracy’s in there locked away behind the door just long enough to overhear Carla lay into Leanne about necking with Nick.  Tracy tells Leanne she’s not going to keep this secret, it’s good gossip, and she spills the beans to Ken and Deirdre only to be put out that they already know and don’t care.  Armed and dangerous with her gossip, there’s only one place left to go and it’s just a matter of time before she tells Peter.

There’s all kinds of weird going on at the Websters this week. First off, Rosie borrows baby Jack to take to a fashion shoot but ends up bringing the wrong baby home. Kev’s not best pleased, as you can imagine, but when he asks Sally for help, she blanks him.  “That baby will never, ever, have anything to do with me,” she reminds Kevin before storming off to the Rovers to get chatted up by a fella called Jeff. Ah, but this Jeff is really Rosie’s agent called Alfie. Why’s he lying? Tune in next week to find out.

There’s trouble behind the bar of the Rovers when
Tracy starts working there. Well, Steve and Becky have gone and taken the kids to Spain to see Liz, leaving Lloyd in charge of alcohol, women and Betty behind the bar. And of course it’s all set to go very wrong indeed when Tracy starts bickering with Tina. Notice she hasn’t had the guts to start on Betty just yet.

Meanwhile, Fiz takes her sorry self to Joy Fishwick’s funeral in an attempt to kid the solicitor that she’s Joy’s daughter in law, wife of Colin, which she sort of is in a very soapy way. Chesney's not keen on her sister commiting fraud, which you can well understand, but Fiz is at desperation’s door with her hand firmly on the handle marked ‘push’.

And not much more happened this week.

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