Friday, 18 February 2011

Steve Huison's Charity Auction Success

You'll remember reading here about Steve Huison's art show at  the Contemporary Six Gallery in the Royal Exchange Arcade in Manchester. He spent several months creating wonderful portraits of fellow Corrie cast members which were to be auctioned off for charity. He had each cast member contribute some autobiographical info for the portrait and the auction was held last night.

Keith Duffy was the auctioneer and all the portraits were sold with a total close to £6000, according to Steve's Twitter reports. Lots of the cast attended the auction and there's lots of photos of them arriving here. It looked to be a laid back, relaxing and fun evening! You can see all the portraits here on Steve's Flickr site.

Money was raised for a charity close to Steve's heart. It is a theatre project at Psychiatric Unit in Yorkshire that works with the patients giving them a chance to do drama and musicals.

Sadly, Steve's character, Eddie Windass, will be leaving the show soon, though not killed off. We at Blog Tower do wonder if the Powers That Be realize what a loss to the show this will be.

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