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Sunday 27 February 2011

Coronation Street weekly awards for February 21 - 25

Tactful Award: Gold Star: What's Eddie like? Roy judiciously keeps silent. I'm gagging on the cake batter in his hair.

Big Brother award: Gold Star: Gary knows how to talk to kids.

Empty Pockets award: Tie: Dev and Steve. Broke.

Fashion accessory of the week: Simon's cool shades.

Colly wobbles award: Gold Star: Sunita has a hard time walking in the shop for the first time and was comforted by the woman that stole from her!

Ideas above his station award: Cocky star: David nicking Maria's clients because he's the "heir apparent". Just because he may end up with the salon in the long run, he's only newly qualified (and when did that happen?)

Bear Baiting award: Gold Star: Eileen shouldn't have spilled Owen's beans to Sunita and she shouldn't have spilled it to Owen.

Fashion award of the week: Loved Julie's blue coat.

Lines of the week:
Julie to Tyrone: "Our washing's all intermingled! You have to marry me now!" (*gulp*)
Ken: "We always end up back here, together." Deirdre: "For better or for worse." Ken: "Like a couple of homing pigeons."
Dev: "The shop wasn't insured." (You prize idiot!)
Gail: "When the going gets tough, Nick Tilsley bails out." (had you not noticed before?)
Sunita to Dev: "Man up! Do what's necessary and stop whinging about it!" (Yay, tell him!)
Steve: "No woman could hold a candle to you, Lloyd. You are my rock."


Frosty the Snowman said...

The most ungratefully received five thousand quid award: Dev shouting about JUSTICE and FORENSICS, after not insuring his shop - can this man become any more foolish?

Ungrateful little girl award: Eddie and Anna have bent over backwards to accommodate whatserface, when did kids become so RUDE?

Pimp of the street award: Carla sending poor pretty but none too bright and no business knowledge and little office experience Maria to meet a shark of a businessman alone at his home, does she have any sense at all? Selfish selfish woman.

Most contrived and unbelievable outing award: The scenes at the “casino” were laughable.

About Time You Stood on Your Own Two Feet Award: David coming back from his sunshine holiday and expecting his out of work mum to fork out for his cab fare.

abbyk said...

Lousy boss award: Audrey for the way she treated loyal longterm employee Maria. She can let her grandson take over her business, but she should have told Maria in private. And no way should Audrey be handing over Maria's hard won clients.

Anonymous said...

Most unbelievable "change in direction" job award...Maria has barely quit her hair salon job when Carla offers her the PA job in the bar. Could timing be any more perfect? You could barely say "unemployment benefit forms" when magically a second job appears "poof" from none other than buddy old pal who stole her husband Liam and is at least partially responsible for his "hit"/murder...

So what next.. once Maria finds out she's not cut out for the underwear business... she'll open/re-open the butcher shop??? Nothing to it... just handling huge carcasses and cutting it...
You just have to wear the funny white outfits with the aprons and wear the hats and ... you're a butcher!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised at the way both David and Audrey treated Maria. David always used to have a bit of a crush on her, and as for Audrey...she's always so supportive of Maria. And last year, when Audrey was thinking of going to Greece with Lewis, Maria was in line to buy her out. David was always the junior stylist who never seemed to care about his job. So it looks like they've suddenly given him hairdressing qualifications to justify all this!

Tvor said...

I mentioned in a comment in another post, this whole Maria thing was contrived because of Kym Marsh's unexpectedly early maternity leave. I think a hasty rewrite was done so it does feel kind of stilted and silly.

Kylie O'Reilly said...

Dev: "The shop wasn't insured."

Dev wouldn't be claiming off his own insurance anyway - he would be claiming of the insurance from The Joinery as would everyone else that has been affected by the accident. In real life Tyrone would be in line for a pay-out for the death of 'The Bride of Chucky' - as would Kevin (to cover the childcare costs etc) and all the others.
The Cobbles should be awash with money cos everyone would be entitled to com pen say shun for the trauma of witnessing it and even for the noise and daily disruption to their lives while the rebuilding is going on

Dilly Daydream said...

Very good points gummygobbler.

And is Owen ever going to be held liable?

Beth said...

Anyone agree that getting rid of Maria makes way for Kaylie (sister of Becky) who according to the spoilers is supposed to marry David, to enter the salon as the new trainee, receptionist? Just seems a bit too convenient for me all of a sudden with Kylie's arrival due soon. There had been no mention of David attending college or qualifying and Maria had been there too long to just up and leave. Just a thought


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