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Tuesday 22 February 2011

Coronation Street Weekly Update, February 21st 2011

Hello again update readers. Glenda continues to enjoy her well-deserved sabbatical and so without further ado let’s get down to business with the happenings down in Weatherfield this week.

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After last week’s goings on at Peter and Leanne’s blessing we now have to deal with the aftermath. Poor little Simon is well upset that he’s lost another mother and he has a right go at his dad, telling him he wants Leanne back … and toast. But there’s no Leanne and they’ve run out of bread so he’ll have to make do with Peter and a bowl of cereal. Peter’s still mad as hell at Leanne and the man he blames for all this, Nicky. He heads over to The Joinery, which is in the process of being rebuilt after the tram crash, and confronts the simpering little mummy’s boy. Despite being faced by a man who can barely walk, even with the aid of a crutch, Nicky is clearly scared of what Peter might do to him with the crowbar he’s holding.

Peter threatens murder and ‘forces’ him to drink a bottle of scotch which Peter tells him is anaesthetic for what’s to come and when Nicky tries to make a run for it Peter hits him with the crowbar, knocking him to the ground. He follows up with a crashing blow towards Nicky’s head and smashes the crowbar into an old can right next to him, giving him the fright of his life. Shame he didn’t do the job properly and finish him off. Who could have blamed him and he’s a Barlow so chances are he would have got off just like his sister. Chastened by his experience, Nicky goes scuttling off back to his mam.
Meanwhile, Leanne has been barred from seeing Simon and with Peter refusing to even talk to her she decides she’d be best off packing her things and heading off to that London to stay with our Toyah. She goes and collects her things from the flat but Peter won’t even let her say goodbye to Simon. Ken intervenes and tries to get Leanne to stay and Peter to forgive her but they’re both too stubborn and proud, despite clearly wanting to be together. Leanne goes to the station and eventually Peter chases after her only to see the train pulling out as he hobbles along the platform. Fortunately she wasn’t on it and the two of them kiss and make up. A couple of questions are outstanding though: Why were they at Manchester Victoria when there are no direct trains from there to London? And will we ever get to hear Simon’s best man’s speech?

Steve and Becky are back from their trip to Spain. Quite how they afforded it when the first thing on their mind on their return is their money troubles, is anybody’s guess. The loan from the bank has come through but it’s less than they wanted and so Lloyd is going to have to wait for the repayment of the money Steve borrowed from Streetcars. Fortunately Steve manages to win a few grand at the casino, so Lloyd thinks his luck’s in but Steve has other plans for the money. Dev is in dire straits as the corner shop wasn’t insured when it was destroyed in the tram crash. He owes money to Owen for the work that’s already been done on the shop (which seems to have turned into a hypermarket) and he’s behind on the mortgage payments for the house. His other businesses are in trouble too, thanks to the recession, a Freshco’s Fasttrack, asbestos and some long-term roadworks and he goes to see Steve to ask him if he can help out with a loan of £5000 to tide him over. Feeling guilty about Becky having robbed the cash from the shop in the aftermath of the crash, Steve comes clean to Lloyd about it all to explain to him why he’ll have to wait a bit longer for the money he owes the business.

After overhearing a conversation in the caf√© and seeing the mess Tyrone’s made of his t-shirt by not separating his whites and his coloureds properly, Julie decides he’s going to be her next project. She goes round to see him, taking with her food and drink and proceeds to Feng Shui his living room by moving the sofa around a bit. They end up cozying down on the sofa after supper and red wine. Who knows where this may lead?

Elsewhere: Claudia’s worried that she’s not getting any off Marc; Sophie’s been kicked out of college but wasn’t happy there anyway; Tina’s friend Xin has turned up with accommodation and money problems; and Faye comes to stay the night with the Windasses.

And that’s it for this week.

This week’s writers were: Joe Turner, Jan McVerry, Debbie Oates, Julie Jones and David Lane.


JohnB said...

I did find it rather amusing that the train to London was in fact the train to Leeds and completely the wrong station for London. But unless your local I guess you'd never know!!

Nurse Florence Ganderpoke said...

But what a lovely station it was! said...

The answer to the first question is that i have no idea why PETER and LEEANNE were at Manchester Vitora Street if LEEANNE was getting the train to London.

The second anwser to the second question i know for a fact that SIMON didn't get to do his best man speech

Frosty the Snowman said...

I actually found the Julie and Tyrone business a bit embarrassing, especially when she brought her washing round to put together with his. Julie is a good character but is far too OTT and in yer face and can be just silly and annoying.

Dilly Daydream said...

I was a bit surprised that Steve would tell Lloyd about the stolen money in the back room of the pub, where anyone (in particular Tracy) could overhear.

Wouldn't she just love that bit of information!!

gab said...

i thought manchester piccadilly suddenly looked different!

was all a bit swept under the carpet wasnt it oh we're back together now all smiles like nothing happened when the day before he couldnt even stand to look at her at least put some tension between them for a while

the bit about the stolen money was ridiculous lloyd is a good friend but why would you tell him your own wife stole money and thats why u need to pay it back wouldnt make anyone look any better


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